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Latest Headlines

'Nanosponges' held in place with a hydrogel absorb toxins in MRSA infections

UCSD researchers have developed a hydrogel that contains toxin-absorbing nanoparticles--what they are calling nanosponges--that could eventually treat skin and wound conditions caused by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA.

Roche nabs FDA OK for drug-resistant bacteria test

Roche got an FDA green light for its drug-resistant MRSA/SA test, chalking up another regulatory win and expanding the company's offerings on its cobas 4800 system.

Hospital-disinfecting UV robot gets $25M for startup Xenex

Hospitals face decreased reimbursement from some U.S. payers based on rates of healthcare-associated infection. That means institutions must take more aggressive pathogen reduction seriously. Some investors are betting that an ultraviolet disinfecting robot from startup Xenex Disinfection Services could be a contender in that market, funding the company with $25 million so it can expand U.S. and international sales and advance product development.

Slimy MRSA streamers found to clog medical devices

A study of MRSA, a major cause of infections developed in hospitals, found that the bacteria form thin, slimy, thread-like structures, called streamers, effectively clogging up wherever it has taken up residence.

Cubist's Trius buyout pays off with FDA nod on high-powered antibiotic Sivextro

Less than a year after Cubist scooped up Trius for $707 million in a bid to boost its presence in antibiotics, it can boast an FDA approval out of the deal. On Friday, the agency approved Sivextro, an antibacterial drug to treat a range of skin infections, including methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

Natural antibacterial clay could fight MRSA, other infections

Researchers from Arizona State University believe that topical clays may be able to thwart MRSA and other bacterial infections while healing skin, providing a natural supplement to currently available antibiotics.

University of Notre Dame team IDs new class of antibiotics

As the threat of antibacterial resistance rises, new antibiotics are sorely needed as microbes mutate and get better at outsmarting current therapies available for bacterial infections.

Pfizer lays out MRSA vaccine battle plan

Reuters has looked inside the Pfizer lab tasked with developing a vaccine for the drug-resistant superbug MRSA.

Mass General repurposes cancer Dx tool for multiple use

Massachusetts General Hospital researchers repurposed a portable, fast-acting diagnostic device they developed to spot cancer as a successful test for tuberculosis and other infectious diseases such as pneumonia. Additionally, they used it to pinpoint antibiotic resistant bacteria such as the deadly MRSA.

Lone Star biotech banks $11.4M for PhII orphan drug odyssey

Austin-based Savara Pharmaceuticals has rounded up $11.4 million in cash to fuel the upstart biotech through a key transition phase: taking its lead development program through a crucial proof-of-concept study that could leave the biotech on the threshold of a late-stage trial.