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GSK flu vaccine additive under the microscope

For years now, evidence has been mounting that a GlaxoSmithKline flu vaccine may have caused narcolepsy in nearly 800 Europeans who received the shot. Now the jab's adjuvant--designed to boost the potency of the vaccine--is under the microscope as the potential cause of the spike in cases of the sleeping disorder.

Evidence mounts for GSK flu vaccine link to narcolepsy

Though the European Medicines Agency declared last October that links between spikes in narcolepsy in European countries and a swine flu vaccine distributed in 2009 are insufficient, some experts still assert that the shot is to blame, and compelling evidence is growing.

EMA: 'Insufficient' link between narcolepsy and GSK flu vaccine

The European Medicines Agency began a review of the vaccine's safety in 2010. On Friday, the agency announced that evidence presented so far does not lead to any new concerns regarding the safety of the vaccine.

Narcolepsy spike linked with flu shot

Finnish researchers found that the chance of narcolepsy was much higher in children who received a certain flu vaccine.

Researchers dream up a new cause for narcolepsy

Doctors administering the H1N1 vaccine recently got a strange wake-up call. Their patients were mysteriously falling asleep. It got so bad that it was suspected that a certain batch of the H1N1