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Latest Headlines

Biomarker tool pilots cancer drugs into clinic

Patient stratification is one drug development area that stands to benefit from a biomarker solution developed for the National Cancer Institute. OncologyMAP aims also to help with drug re-tasking

Researchers get a jump on NCI trials group revamp

A rebel cell of cancer research organizations began doing the bidding of the National Cancer Institute even before NCI had articulated its clinical trial revamp plan. The American College of Surgeons

Interview: Steve Friedman on NCI's trial group overhaul

Steven Friedman, chief at the Operations and Informatics Branch for NCI's Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program, is leading the IT charge in the National Cancer Institute's overhaul of the Clinical

NCI trial-revamp plans call for IT overhaul

Imagine a comprehensive IT system, collecting standardized clinical trial data including volunteer information and outcomes. It's hardly a revolutionary idea, until you try to apply it across the

NCI seeks to build informatics resource

The National Cancer Institute is looking for information on evidence-based informatics. It wants to develop collaborations to create resources for clinicians. NCI is appealing to commercial IT,

The Hutch gains $17M to foster new cancer biomarker efforts

The National Cancer Institute is funneling $17 million to the renowned Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle to pay for new discovery work on fresh cancer biomarkers along with

New cancer vax shows promise among late-stage victims

With support from the National Cancer Institute and Alphavax, researchers say that a new oncology vaccine has triggered a significant immune response among a group of patients suffering from a range

NCI plans clinical trial system reforms

Change is afoot at the National Cancer Institute, and clinical trials may never be the same again. NCI is becoming more data focused in drug development, according to new leadership, and is taking

Varmus to take helm at NCI

Harold Varmus, the renowned researcher credited with doubling the NIH budget during the Clinton administration, is coming back to take the reins of the National Cancer Institute and its $5 billion

NCI grant targets trial design improvement

A union of statistical and clinical experts is being put to a difficult task: improve the efficiency of the cancer clinical trial process. The multidisciplinary effort is being funded by a $12.5