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Latest Headlines

Investigators tout trial successes for hep C, influenza drugs at ICAAC

While Sangamo was making waves with its news on Carl June's latest gene therapy study, two other developers were reporting successes with their experimental treatments at ICAAC. Bristol-Myers Squibb (

FBI raids San Diego's NexBio

Last week federal investigators raided San Diego-based NexBio, which is developing a powdered inhaler flu treatment called Fludase. Twenty cardboard boxes were removed from the company's offices,

Fludase developer NexBio raided, documents seized

Armed and flak-jacketed federal agents descended on vaccine developer NexBio at 8 a.m. yesterday. They escorted employees to parking lots and allowed them to re-enter the building only briefly 40

NexBio opens a new front in the war against flu

San Diego-based NexBio has been highlighting promising animal and lab experiments that support a new approach to fighting the flu. Working with mice and human tissue, scientists for the company say