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Latest Headlines

Scripps researchers find a better way to make a nicotine vaccine

An attempt by Nabi to develop a new nicotine vaccine failed decisively in clinical studies, chilling the field for researchers who once dreamed of coming up with a better way to break a habit that can kill people through any of 8 different cancers. But now a team at Scripps Research Institute believe they've cracked the biologic code that defeated NicVAX and discovered how you could develop a vaccine that works.

EnVivo grabs Alzheimer's spotlight with promising PhIIb results

EnVivo's strategy of targeting a nicotine receptor as a way of improving the thinking ability of patients with Alzheimer's produced some promising results in a closely-watched mid-stage study.

Vaccine triggers attack on nicotine in mice

An experimental vaccine could smother a smoker's addiction to nicotine. Researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College developed and successfully tested in mice a vaccine to treat such dependence.

Nicotine-fighting antibodies may offer a new approach to treating addiction

An NIH-funded group of investigators has designed a new nicotine vaccine designed to eliminate the pleasing physical response people get when they light up. And while it's only been tested successfully in mice so far, the work has stirred interest in a new approach that could work for other addictions as well.

In mice, at least, gene therapy-enhanced vaccine blocks nicotine addiction

Scientists are using gene therapy to enhance an experimental vaccine intended to combat smokers' addiction to nicotine.  

Selecta starts trial of synthetic nano-vaccine for smoking

Boston-based Selecta Biosciences, a 2011 Fierce 15 winner, has kicked off a Phase I trial of nicotine vaccine SEL-068 for smoking cessation and relapse prevention. The company is touting its trial as

Addiction vaccines face added funding hurdles

As vaccine targets expand beyond communicable diseases, the New York Times notes that vaccines could hold promise for millions who suffer from addiction. While none have been approved, the potential

Nicotine eyed as Parkinson's treatment

For a moment, forget that nicotine intake can lead to an early grave. There is now some evidence the stimulant responsible for the addictive qualities of cigarettes can actually protect us from

Nicotine: A guilty party in diabetes complications

Odds are, if you're diabetic your doctor has strongly advised you not to smoke. That's because past studies have shown that smokers with diabetes have higher levels of the hemoglobin HbA1c than

Scientists sink claws into toenails as cancer marker

Your toenails can tell a tale about your risk of getting cancer independent of your history of smoking, according to a study appearing in the American Journal of Epidemiology. Since your toenails
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