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Latest Headlines

Research groups scramble to head off deep cuts to NIH budget

With Congress focused on finding new ways to slash the federal budget, worries have been growing among the research groups which rely on the NIH that leaner times are in store for the future. The

NIH launches $140M drug tox project, hunts for translational R&D chief

As the White House helps boost the efforts of NIH chief Francis Collins to create an ambitious new center for translational biomedical research, the agency has struck a deal with the FDA and the

New drug-discovery center lost in translation

When last we left NIH chief Francis Collins' ambitious plans to build a new center for translational medicine, the project seemed to be "moving at light-speed" by NIH standards, with an October

Emory University receives $26M from NIH

The National Institutes of Health has awarded Emory University a $26 million grant for its work on HIV/AIDS vaccines. The university will work to develop a vaccine in the next 5 years with the help

Computational method rapidly discovers new uses for approved drugs

Dust off those old drugs. A Stanford University group has developed a computational method for finding potential new uses for previously approved drugs. And two papers published Wednesday in the

Abbott down after NIH halts Niaspan study

The NIH has stopped a study with Abbott Laboratories' cholesterol fighter Niaspan 18 months early after results showed the drug failed to prevent heart attacks and even may have boosted stroke risk.

NIH pumping $23M into data center and computer analyses of genomes

An eight-year-old project to uncover the mysteries of the human genome got a big shot in the arm this week. An NIH advisory council approved some $153 million in new funding for four programs to

Obama pitches $1B boost to NIH funding

For biomedical researchers, the budget fight in Washington, D.C., is getting personal. President Obama's budget includes some actual increases in funding for science, including a $1 billion hike to

S.C. colleges land $16M biomedical grant

The University of South Carolina is one of a group of colleges that will receive $16 million in NIH money to develop biomedical research programs regenerative medicine and more. The aim is to develop

Research grants harder to win

National Institutes of Health chief Francis Collins is very worried about the declining likelihood that NIH grant applications will be approved due to an expected shortfall in research grants. He