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Latest Headlines

Debate over chimps pits lawmakers against researchers

Is it time for chimps to vacate the lab? U.S. lawmakers have been gradually lining up in favor of a ban on chimps for the bulk of biomedical research programs, but a large group of some prestigious

Question for NIH: Does money taint medicine?

Oh, what a tangled web. Drugmakers, doctors, ghostwriters, academic researchers, medical schools, CME providers... they're all linked together by industry money and influence. At least that's the

Should pharma pay the NIH royalties?

Looking past 2010, when more than $10 billion in fresh federal research funds runs out, the new head of the NIH is hatching a plan to gain a predictable flow of money to back an enlarged commitment

Grant supports personalized medicine tools

Systems biology company GeneGo has been awarded a small business research grant by the National Institutes of Health to develop a database and systems biology tool-set to study mutations and sequence

NIH summit hopes to heighten pandemic preparedness

As the Obama administration grapples with the question of whether or not to order a massive quantity of swine flu vaccine for this fall, it is holding a one-day summit at the NIH today to get states

Study: Popular herbal remedy might rival Prozac

According to a new Cochrane review of 29 randomized, double blind studies from various countries, hypericum extracts--known commonly as St. John's wort--are superior to placebo medications. The

Sen. Grassley: No disclosure, no NIH money

Sen. Charles Grassley is at it again. The perennial pharma critic has been knocking university researchers who don't fully

Avastin-Lucentis trial may reshape pharma

We thought the head-to-head trial of Avastin and Lucentis for age-related macular degeneration was a big deal for Genentech, which

Seroquel researcher got cash from AZ

Sen. Charles Grassley's hall of shame: The chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, who's been trying to rally support for a bill requiring drug and device makers to disclose anything of value

ALSO NOTED: FDA panel to mull Celebrex safety for kids; Sanofi makes deal to sell Lilly drug;

> After waiting for nearly a month, officials at the National Institutes of Health alerted some 2,500 people that their names, addresses and detailed personal health information gathered from