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Seroquel researcher got cash from AZ

Sen. Charles Grassley's hall of shame: The chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, who's been trying to rally support for a bill requiring drug and device makers to disclose anything of value

ALSO NOTED: FDA panel to mull Celebrex safety for kids; Sanofi makes deal to sell Lilly drug;

> After waiting for nearly a month, officials at the National Institutes of Health alerted some 2,500 people that their names, addresses and detailed personal health information gathered from

ALSO NOTED: Canadian courts swamped by patent cases; Government to eye small firms for off-label pitches;

> Drug-patent cases are clogging Canadian courts, with some 30 judges assigned to 350 cases that involve highly specialized, technical knowledge.

SPOTLIGHT: NIH starts Tykerb vs. Herceptin bout

It's a head-to-head matchup. The National Institutes of Health has launched an 8,000-patient trial pitting GlaxoSmithKline's Tykerb against Genentech's Herceptin in aggressive breast cancer.

NIH launches Avastin-Lucentis trial

Gentlemen (and ladies), start your eye injections. In other Avastin news, the big trial pitting the cancer drug against Genentech sister med Lucentis is now underway. Sponsored by the National

Canada to decide Lucentis' fate

The Lucentis versus Avastin match has moved to Canada. Officials there are arguing

Why should Medicare pay for Lucentis?

The U.S. Senate wants to know why Medicare should have to spend millions on Genentech's eye drug Lucentis when the company's Avastin

Novartis drug cuts hip-fracture deaths

Big kudos to the Novartis osteoporosis drug Reclast: A New England Journal of Medicine study showed that patients with broken hips were more likely to survive if they were given a yearly dose of the

Study: 86% of docs cut Zyprexa use

Whoever said there's no such thing as bad publicity never worked in pharma. The latest proof of bad news-related suffering: A new report on antipsychotic drugs finds Janssen's Risperdal and

NIH unveils new asthma guidelines

New asthma treatment guidelines could be good news for drug companies. The government advises better day-to-day control of the disease--and that probably means more widespread use of inhaled