Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Big Pharma superteam joins NIH to share data, discover new drugs

The National Institutes of Health has persuaded 10 rival drugmakers to briefly set aside their competitive spirits and collaborate on drug discovery projects in four major diseases, pooling their data and expertise to kick-start early-stage efforts.

NIH's Collins vows to tackle science's reproducibility problem

Thanks to some high-profile failures to replicate preclinical findings in some of the world's leading journals, the call for reform has reached a fever pitch, and National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins has taken up the baton.

The NIH is infecting volunteers with flu to discover how the immune system works

Infecting healthy volunteers with influenza in a controlled environment will allow researchers to track each step of the immune response, potentially revealing answers to some fundamental questions limiting the effectiveness of vaccines.

Regeneron to sequence 100K exomes and link data to EHRs to speed drug discovery

New York-based biopharma Regeneron will sequence DNA from 100,000 patients at Geisinger Health Systems, a healthcare network that serves 3 million people in Pennsylvania.

NIH puts improved data handling at top of BRAIN Initiative wish list

President Obama's BRAIN Initiative has begun to take shape over the past 6 months as vague goals have been developed into definite priorities. The process continued recently when the National Institutes of Health (NIH) revealed the 6 projects on which it will invest its first $40 million of BRAIN Initiative funding.

Falsified AIDS vaccine data lands researcher an NIH funding ban

National Institutes of Health funding is the lifeblood of U.S. biomedical research centers, particularly for teams working on speculative, early-phase projects like AIDS vaccines. Dr. Dong-Pyou Han was part of one such team, but NIH has banned him from receiving grants for three years for falsifying research.

BU, Mount Sinai will score NFL-backed brain injury grants

The National Institutes of Health on Monday called its first play for $30 million in grant money from the National Football League (NFL), earmarked for the study of traumatic brain injuries in sport.

NIH names its first associate director of data science

Philip Bourne joins NIH from UC San Diego where he uses data mining in pharmacology. He is known to support the free exchange of scientific data.

New York Stem Cell Foundation, NIH partner to study rare diseases

In an effort to better understand diseases that have long eluded diagnosis, the New York Stem Cell Foundation Research Institute is partnering with the National Institutes of Health's Undiagnosed Diseases Program to create cell models of rare medical conditions.

China's climate diversity creates flu vaccination complications

China is a big, climatologically-diverse country, with the weather changing significantly between the temperate zones in the north and the subtropical regions further south. This affects when flu seasons occur, and consequently when health authorities should run vaccination campaigns.