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Latest Headlines

NIH calls for comments on draft genomics data sharing policy

Over the past decade National Institutes of Health (NIH) has shaped its data-sharing policies to achieve two goals--maximize the value of research, and protect patient privacy and intellectual property. Now, NIH is seeking feedback on its plans to apply these aims to the sharing of genomics data.

$25M NIH project will set up genomic variants database for clinical use

NIH announced Wednesday that it is awarding three grants totaling more than $25 million over four years to support a national genomic sequencing database project, with the goal of advancing treatment for diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease and metabolic disorders.

$3.7M NIH program to fund biomedical research training

The NIH said it is freeing up $3.7 million in awards to boost  training opportunities for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars pursuing careers in biomedical research.

NIH launches $45M Alzheimer's research effort, awards funds to 3 preclinical studies

NIH has rolled out a $45 million initiative to both identify new targets and test promising drugs for treating Alzheimer's disease, which affects as many as 5 million people un the U.S.

BRAIN Initiative prioritizes better data storage and analysis

When President Obama unveiled the BRAIN Initiative in April, his speech was heavy on lofty rhetoric but light on detail. This week the team tasked with turning the grand vision into practical projects filed its first report, and placed strong emphasis on improving data storage, analysis and interpretation.

$33M NIH study will explore a new drug to prevent Alzheimer's

The Banner Alzheimer's Institute in Phoenix has landed a $33 million NIH grant to see if an anti-amyloid therapy can prevent the memory-wasting condition from getting a grip on patients.

Initial focus of BRAIN Initiative laid out

The research community wasn't sure what to expect when President Obama first announced his plans for a public-private BRAIN Initiative in April. With the release of an interim report on Monday, an NIH work group has laid out some initial goals of the project.

With NIH support, Eli Lilly follows NPS Pharma into hunt for rare-disease therapy

Eli Lilly has found a new path into the hot rare-disease field. An NIH program has backed the Indianapolis-based drug giant's preclinical-stage research of a potential treatment for a hormone deficiency often caused by a genetic defect. 

NIH partners with Eli Lilly, others on rare diseases

In the ongoing hunt to uncover new therapies for rare diseases, the NIH has selected four new preclinical drug development studies to support, the findings of which will be shared with other researchers.

Genia nails down $5.3M NIH grant for genome sequencing project

Genia Technologies has landed a $5.3 NIH grant to advance its genome sequencing technology. The company will use the money in its work with partners at Columbia University and Harvard Medical school to fund more development of NanoTag, its nanopore-based DNA sequencing platform.