non-small cell lung cancer

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Latest Headlines

Biodesix brings Series E to $38M for blood-based lung cancer Dx

Molecular diagnostics outfit Biodesix raked in $11 million in additional Series E financing to develop its blood-based test for non-small cell lung cancer, months after the company locked in new funds to support its commercialization efforts.

Biodesix ropes in $12M in Series E financing for blood-based lung cancer Dx

Biodesix reeled in an additional $12 million in Series E financing for its blood-based test for non-small cell lung cancer, bringing the company's proceeds from the sale to $27 million.

Roche and MedImmune will concoct lung cancer immunotherapy clinical trial test

Roche's Ventana Medical Systems and MedImmune said they will jointly develop an assay to help test a MedImmune immunotherapy for non-small cell lung cancer.

Scripps scientists say new biomarker for various cancers might be more useful

Another newly discovered biomarker is now under consideration as a tool to help evaluate and treat disease. When the body expresses it, it appears to be tied to better survival chances in both non-small cell lung cancer and head and neck cancer.

GlaxoSmithKline admits defeat in PhIII cancer vaccine trial

Less than two weeks ago, after its cancer vaccine flopped in a Phase III lung cancer trial, GlaxoSmithKline said it would continue looking for improvements among patients with a certain genetic makeup. But no longer: The British drugmaker has put the kibosh on the trial, establishing that it won't be possible to ID a subpopulation that will benefit.

Biodesix's CE mark triggers wider access for its personalized lung cancer treatment Dx

Biodesix scored itself a CE mark that will help expand access to its personalized lung cancer treatment test, a big milestone in the Colorado outfit's push to bring the product into more widespread use.

GSK is refusing to write off its cancer vaccine despite last year's PhIII flop

GlaxoSmithKline's MAGE-A3 cancer vaccine was viewed as a long shot by some analysts even before it missed its first co-primary endpoint last year. Yet while analysts lowered expectations in the wake of the weak data in melanoma patients, GSK is continuing to promote its prospects.

In China, lung cancer biomarker testing is on the rise

Biomarker testing can play in an important role in detecting cancer early and choosing the correct course of treatment, and it can be critical in dealing with deadly, fast-spreading diseases like lung cancer. China has keyed into its utility, with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) biomarker testing already prevalent throughout the country, a new report says.

Biodesix grabs an $8.3M Series E for personalized lung cancer treatment test

Biodesix grabbed $8.3 million in Series E financing to help boost sales and marketing efforts for its personalized medicine-focused lung cancer test.

Merck KGaA lung cancer vaccine to re-enter Phase III

When Merck KGaA's lung cancer vaccine Stimuvax flunked Phase III trials in December, many thought the project was dead. Merck continued to work on the compound though, and now, having probed the improvements seen in some patients in the last trial, is heading back to the clinic.
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