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Latest Headlines

Chicago psychiatrist slapped with prison time in Teva kickbacks case

A Chicago doctor who took kickbacks from Big Pharma in exchange for prescribing antipsychotic meds is facing some prison time. A U.S. District judge sentenced Dr. Michael Reinstein to 9 months in federal prison after finding that Reinstein accepted payments from companies such as Teva Pharmaceuticals and Ivax Pharmaceuticals for promoting the drugs to elderly patients.

Novartis stops PhIII trial of Genmab's Arzerra after buying rights from GSK

Novartis has stopped a Phase III trial of Genmab's Arzerra in pemphigus vulgaris patients. The decision, which comes 7 months after Novartis agreed to buy the rights to Arzerra in autoimmune indications from GlaxoSmithKline, will result in a focusing of attention on the testing of the monoclonal antibody as a treatment for relapsing multiple sclerosis.

Novartis will lay out $88M to unify Fougera's U.S. manufacturing

Novartis' Fougera Pharmaceuticals currently has its manufacturing split between two plants that are located only about 15 minutes apart but in two different Long Island, NY, communities. The dermatology specialist thinks it is time to unite the two and so will expand and upgrade one of the sites over the next 4 years and then relocate its nearly 400 workers there.

How Venezuela's meltdown delivered a mega-hit to Big Pharma: Reuters

One word popped up over and over when Big Pharma reported earnings last month: Venezuela. The association wasn't positive. Executives blamed losses there for hundreds of millions in currency-related hits to their financials.

Just wait, Momenta CEO says. Novartis' generic can bring down Copaxone

Thanks to some aggressive brand defense tactics, Teva's multiple sclerosis blockbuster Copaxone has been hanging onto its slice of the pie despite generic competition from Novartis'  Sandoz and Momenta. But it's all a matter of time until Sandoz manages to cut down Teva's market share, Momenta CEO Craig Wheeler recently promised investors. 

Amgen hits Sandoz with patent infringement suit over Enbrel biosim

Amgen wants to do everything that it can to protect its top-selling anti-inflammatory drug Enbrel from the advent of biosimilars, and now, it's shoring up its defenses.

Don't give up on generic Copaxone, despite Teva's aggressive brand defense: Momenta CEO

Teva's multiple sclerosis star Copaxone has been clinging to its market share despite last year's rollout of Novartis generic Glatopa. But if anyone can wrestle it away, it's the Swiss drugmaker, partner Momenta says--it just might be a little while.

Amgen targets Sandoz's Enbrel biosim with patent infringement suit

Amgen wants to do everything that it can to protect its best-selling RA drug Enbrel from potential biosimilar competition, and now, the company is shoring up its defenses. Amgen is suing Novartis' Sandoz unit in federal court for infringing its Enbrel patents by developing a biosimilar version of the med.  

U.K. rejects petition demanding meningitis B vaccine for all children

The U.K. rolled out its meningitis B vaccination program for babies in September, but a petition demanding that it be expanded for all children quickly gathered steam. The Department of Health rejected the petition on Wednesday, saying that offering the jab to all children would not be cost-effective.

UPDATED: Novartis' Alcon unit recalls eye drop vials over questionable sterility

F. Michael Ball, the former Hospira CEO who last month took over the top spot at Novartis' troubled Alcon unit, arrived with a lot on his plate. The division's sales are way off. It is shedding manufacturing and dealing with a recall in Japan. Now he can add to his list yet another product recall.