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Latest Headlines

UPDATED: Novartis divvies up troubled Alcon; rejigs R&D; and manufacturing to save $1B

Novartis has a problem with its eye-care unit Alcon: It's not performing. As expected, the division dragged down the Swiss drugmaker's fourth-quarter and full-year financials. But the company's sales and earnings didn't fall short just because of Alcon.

Novartis adds 100 jobs at Lek site in Slovenia as it muscles up on biosimilars

Novartis was the first drugmaker to get a biosimilar approved in the U.S. and has set itself up to be a major player in the growth of the biologic copies. That is going to require more development muscle, and so it has expanded its Lek subsidiary in Slovenia, adding 100 jobs in the process.

Buzz: GSK looking to tap Qualcomm's IT know-how for $1B joint venture

Chipmaker Qualcomm is reportedly talking to GlaxoSmithKline about setting up a $1 billion joint venture. The deal, reports of which were posted by two financial publications, would mark a continuation of Qualcomm's drive to tighten its ties to biopharma, which was given impetus last year when it set up a VC fund with Novartis and inked a deal with Roche.

FDA bans products from China plant used by Big Pharma players

A Chinese ingredient maker who has produced ingredients for some of the big guns in pharma including Novartis, Sanofi and Pfizer is getting its products banned by the FDA.

Novartis nabs two key approvals for Cosentyx to widen its lead on psoriasis rivals

Novartis has been working hard to snap up additional approvals for Cosentyx before its Big Pharma rivals get their next-gen psoriasis contenders to market. And as of Friday, it's done just that in the U.S., where the FDA approved the med as a treatment for psoriatic arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis.

Novartis extends lead on psoriasis rivals with a pair of new Cosentyx approvals

Novartis has been working hard to rack up indications for new med Cosentyx before other next-gen psoriasis competitors hit the scene. And now, it's accomplished that goal in the U.S.

#JPM16 Roundup: What you need to know on Pfizer, Sanofi and more

SAN FRANCISCO-- On Monday, we brought you the lowdown from the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, with company presentations from pharma giants including Novartis and Merck & Co. Today, we're back with our latest roundup, big names and not-so-big.

Local council moves to buy Novartis' Horsham site with view to creating science park

Novartis is on the verge of offloading its former R&D; site in Horsham, U.K., to the local council. The agreement of initial terms with West Sussex council comes 8 months after the University of Brighton backed out of a deal because it was unable to secure government funding.

Nearly a year into Novartis integration, GSK CEO won't discount vaccines spinoff

Since the completion of its massive asset swap with Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline has been working to integrate the Swiss drugmaker's vaccines stall into its own operations. Now, at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, GSK CEO Andrew Witty cited "optionality" for the unit in the future, saying the drugmaker wouldn't discount a future spinoff.

Want the skinny from the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference? We've got you covered

SAN FRANCISCO-- Sometimes, it can tough to be filter out what a company means from the little it says at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference. So please, allow us to do the summarizing--and check back throughout the week for updates.