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Latest Headlines

Perrigo, already recalling Zyrtec copy, now recalling knockoff of Mucinex for children

Over-the-counter specialist Perrigo said on Monday that it was recalling some of its children's grape-flavored Mucinex copies after learning that dosing cups may be mismarked, putting children at risk for being overdosed. It said for some children, taking too much of the med could lead to vomiting and other stomach problems.

No 'quick fix' to financial woes for Novartis' underperforming Alcon business: Analyst

Novartis has been struggling under the weight of its slumping Alcon eye-care business, and the company is planning to unveil a growth plan soon to try to get things back on track. But don't expect things to improve in the blink of an eye, some analysts say.

Novartis kicks it into high gear to revive flailing Alcon unit

Novartis' Alcon business has been struggling for some time now, and the company's efforts to help its eye-care business get back on track don't seem to be doing much to stanch the bleeding. So Novartis is kicking things into crisis mode, planning to launch a game plan this year to revive its flailing unit.

Novartis provides $170M to kick off Surface Oncology partnership

Fledgling Cambridge, MA-based startup Surface Oncology has pulled off its first Big Pharma deal, grabbing $170 million in near-term milestones, an upfront and research support from Novartis as it pursues next-gen cancer immuno-therapies.

Dana-Farber spinout C4 tackles protein degradation with $73M round, $750M Roche deal in hand

While Jay Bradner is transitioning to head up the Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, some of the most important work he did at the prestigious Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is now advancing toward the clinic at a nearby startup that's launching today with a hefty $73 million round and a $750 million partnership with Roche.

Novartis aims for first in smart inhaler race via Qualcomm deal

Qualcomm and Novartis are working together to develop a next-gen connected version of the pharma's Breezhaler device that's used across its entire chronic obstructive pulmonary disease drug portfolio.

Novartis, not to be outdone by respiratory rivals, inks 'smart inhaler' deal

Respiratory drugmakers have been looking to "smart inhaler" technology to give them a leg up on marketing in a crowded field. And Novartis wants a part of it. 

Novartis matches respiratory rivals with 'smart inhaler' collaboration

Novartis is developing the next generation of the Breezhaler inhaler, used with each of the meds in Novartis' COPD portfolio. The new-age product will be able to record information including the time the inhaler is used--and then send it wirelessly to patients' smartphones and to the cloud, allowing patients and their healthcare providers to monitor their condition.

Novartis sale of Suffern, NY, facility likely to finalize this winter

After almost two years on the auction block, Novartis' manufacturing facility in Suffern, NY, is likely to be sold by the end of this winter as two developers vie for the property.

The biggest winners--and losers--in the 2015 race for new drug approvals

In 2015, the FDA by its own account approved 45 new drugs, the largest one-year tally since 1996, which wrapped up with a record 53 regulatory OKs. Now, here's the full list of new drugs approved by the FDA in 2015, in chronological order.