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Latest Headlines

Novartis taps synthetic biology to speed vax development

The agenda for the mammalian synthetic biology workshop held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology last weekend demonstrates that renewed interest in vaccines has opened up new therapeutic targets, which in turn has driven new approaches to manufacturing. And the threats of pandemic flu and bioterrorism have acted as an extra innovation driver.

Amgen, Novartis aim to fuel biotech startups in alliances with Atlas Venture

For Amgen and Novartis, investing in the latest fund from Atlas Venture wasn't enough. The Cambridge, MA-based venture firm has struck separate agreements with the two major drugmakers to join forces on biotech startups.

Jury is out in another case linking Novartis' Zometa to jawbone death

Novartis is one step closer to knowing how its latest round of Zometa litigation works out. After 11 days of testimony, the jury has started deliberating its verdict on plaintiff Beverly Meng's claims that the Swiss drugmaker downplayed the bone drug's risks.

FDA gives Novartis' Ilaris big boost with nod for rare juvenile arthritis

Novartis has grabbed one of two new indications it was shooting for with its rare disease drug Ilaris, one step toward turning the drug into a blockbuster.

Sale of plant to Novartis doesn't reverse Dendreon's ill fortunes

Biotech Dendreon, the maker of prostate cancer vaccine Provenge, continues to struggle with earnings even after undertaking a restructuring program which included unloading one of its manufacturing plants.

CDC continues to build defenses in H7N9 lull

The H7N9 situation has quieted down since the early days of the outbreak. China switched from daily to weekly updates, and the number of new cases plateaued after live poultry markets were closed. Yet behind the scenes the U.S., China and others are continuing to ready defenses.

Minority Schering shareholders extract another €46 per share from Bayer

A group of minority Schering AG shareholders held out to the bitter end against what Bayer wanted to pay them for their shares, and they will now get the sweet deal they said they deserved.

Novartis probes controversy around Diovan studies

Novartis has opened an investigation after learning that a company employee was affiliated with a study of its blood pressure drug Diovan as a statistician without revealing his ties to the Swiss healthcare giant.

Pfizer hits bump on Prevnar 13 growth curve

Pfizer catapulted itself into the vaccine big leagues in 2009 by merging with Wyeth, and continued demand for Prevnar 13 has seen it consolidate its position. Analysts predict its sales could dwarf other vaccines--hitting $6.7 billion in 2018--but recent quarters suggest it will be a bumpy ride.

Novartis reverses course on Swiss OTC plant that was to be closed

Novartis is doing a complete U-turn on an OTC plant in Switzerland that 18 months ago was going to get the old heave-ho along with the people who worked there. Now the drugmaker says it will invest €150 million in the facility and anoint it a center of excellence.