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Latest Headlines

SV Bio changes name to Lifecode, plans rollout of NGS cancer assay

Alongside the launch of a next generation sequencing-based oncology assay, Silicon Valley Biosystems is also rolling out a new name to reflect its mission of providing practical genetic information to patients.

Janssen rethinks drug discovery in a changing R&D environment

For William Strohl, the new head of Janssen's Biotechnology Center of Excellence, the future of drug R&D involves novel targets, "fit-for-purpose" antibodies and lots of collaborations.

Buzz: Google Ventures leading $100M round in oncology Big Data platform

When Flatiron Health emerged in 2012 with a mission to improve oncology care, its founder predicted it would either be "a great success or a horrible failure." Now the Big Data startup is reportedly on the cusp of taking a major step towards the better of these two outcomes, with Fortune writing Google's venture capital wing is leading a $100 million financing round.

GlaxoSmithKline initiates global cancer consortium

GlaxoSmithKline is launching what it calls the Oncology Clinical and Translational Consortium, a collaborative scientific research network intended to advance drug discovery that will include 6 cancer centers around the world.

Indian agency objects to Mylan vaccine plant deal

Indian officials fear the sale of the vaccine and oncology plants will limit the country's ability to supply affordable medicines to citizens.

Ex-Googlers bring Big Data analytics to oncology

When ex-Google ($GOOG) guys Nat Turner and Zach Weinberg discussed their oncology-focused startup Flatiron Health in August they were big on ambition but low on details.

Biomarker shines a light on new pathway to target neuroblastoma

A group of investigators at the prestigious Dana-Farber/Children's Hospital Cancer Center in Boston believe they may have identified the Achilles heel for a common malignant tumor found in pediatric oncology.

Bringing personalized medicine to the market

Personalized medicine has been the holy grail of diagnostics and biomarkers for some time, but at last, it seems like it is becoming a reality. Jan Groen, CEO at MDxHealth, spoke to FierceBiomarkers at BIO2012 about this growing field.

Algorithms espy tumor conspirators

Cancer systems biology algorithms have led researchers to two genes that collaborate to cause an aggressive brain tumor. Researchers from Columbia University and oncology drug discovery company

Promising cancer drug could be studied in humans

A potential treatment for small cell lung cancer may head to clinical trials next year following the publication of promising results of a mice study in the journal Cancer Research. Researchers from