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Latest Headlines

NIAID combines MedImmune, Sanofi H7N9 jabs into promising prime-boost vaccine

While H7N9 avian flu does not seem to move easily from person to person, the WHO notes that most people who catch it become severely ill. Several candidates for H7N9 pandemic flu have proven safe and immunogenic in clinical trials, but experts recommend that these be beefed up for practical use either via multiple doses or using an adjuvant. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases reported Thursday that a team of scientists has successfully tested a prime-boost vaccine for the flu strain in a small clinical trial.

Pandemic flu vaccine research poses risk of unintended release

Virulent flu strains pose the danger of potential release, even when used in experiments for vaccine research, and investigators from the Harvard and Yale universities are calling for greater scrutiny of such studies.

Novartis, Novavax whip up new bird flu vaccines as pandemic fears flourish

Winter's coming, along with warnings that new cases of H7N9 bird flu in China warrant a global pandemic alert. While the most recent pandemic alarms have fizzled out without any major outbreaks of a lethal virus, the federal government has been supporting work on new vaccine technologies.

Visterra advances universal flu antibody to cusp of Phase I

Massachusetts-based biotech Visterra is preparing to move its universal influenza therapy into the clinic.

Visterra's engineered antibody passes preclinical test as universal flu treatment

Cambridge, MA-based Visterra has finished assembling its preclinical puzzle for a universal influenza therapy, reviewing how its lead engineered antibody thwarted a pair of lethal viruses--still raising alarms around the world--in a mouse study.

HHS weighs H7N9 vaccine stockpiling options

Stockpiling vaccines requires authorities to peek into the future. When H1N1 was causing panic in 2009, the U.S. predicted it would need 160 million vaccine doses. But demand never took off, and the U.S. destroyed 40 million out-of-date vaccines in 2010.

Gates-inspired gene therapy gives pandemic protection

The history of science is filled with seemingly random events that led to breakthroughs. Now it might have another. A meeting with Bill Gates has inspired a  pandemic flu  gene therapy.

Virus patent sparks debate at WHO meeting

The World Health Assembly met last week with the backdrop of worries about pandemic viruses. In Saudi Arabia the coronavirus death toll is rising, and H7N9 is active in China. The outbreaks--and the global response--put the pandemic influenza preparedness (PIP) framework in the spotlight.

Pfizer points to pandemic potential of Prevnar 13

In pandemic flu preparation, a lot of focus is placed on protecting against the specific viral strain. Yet analysis of the 1918 pandemic shows secondary bacterial pneumonia directly caused many of the deaths. This brings Pfizer's Prevnar 13 into play, and the Big Pharma is talking up its role.

Novartis taps synthetic biology to speed vax development

The agenda for the mammalian synthetic biology workshop held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology last weekend demonstrates that renewed interest in vaccines has opened up new therapeutic targets, which in turn has driven new approaches to manufacturing. And the threats of pandemic flu and bioterrorism have acted as an extra innovation driver.