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Latest Headlines

Flu season gets off to a sluggish start

Where is this year's flu outbreak? In the wake of the H1N1 drama of a couple of years back, the virus seems to be laying low in the U.S. this season. But don't let your guard down: Flu...

WHO says H1N1 pandemic has run its course

The swine flu virus will be with us indefinitely, but the World Health Organization says that the H1N1 pandemic it triggered is over. For the vaccine industry, the pandemic presented an opportunity

Emergent forms JV for new pandemic vaccine

Rockville, MD-based Emergent BioSolutions has reached halfway around the world to join hands with a new partner to quickly develop a broad spectrum pandemic vaccine against multiple H5 strains.

WHO: H1N1 pandemic remains a threat

The H1N1 flu pandemic is as severe as influenza pandemics in 1957 and 1968 and remains a threat to healthy young adults, John Mackenzie, the Australian who heads the World Health Organization's

WHO to update its pandemic alert

Eight months after declaring the world's first pandemic in more than four decades, the World Health Organization says it will once again summon its experts to determine if the worst of the outbreak

Vaccine demand plunges as H1N1 pandemic fears fade

First there wasn't enough swine flu vaccine, then there was plenty, and now it turns out that many countries may have too much. Out in Vancouver, Canadian health officials say that the initial clamor

Medicago shares jump after regulators clear flu trial

In a fresh sign that everything pandemic-related gets swiftly shoved into the biotech spotlight these days, shares of Medicago have been buoyed by its announcement that Canadian regulators have

WHO declares first full-scale pandemic in 41 years

It's official. The World Health Organization declared a Phase 6 pandemic alert this morning--the first such warning since 1968. In raising the pandemic alert to its highest level, the WHO warned all

Borders tightened as WHO raises pandemic threat level

The World Health Organization has raised the threat level for a global swine flu pandemic to level four after Mexico announced that the death toll had probably reached almost 150 and more cases were

U.S. declares swine flu health emergency

The U.S. government announced a health emergency on Sunday afternoon as the number of swine flu cases climbed. Eight students in New York tested positive for swine flu, adding another state to the