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Latest Headlines

Antibody vaccine may be key to conquering flu

A key breakthrough in flu vaccine research has been attracting considerable attention in recent days. As we reported earlier in FierceBioResearcher, antibodies may prove to be a very effective guard

China stockpiles bird flu vax for possible outbreak

Amid concerns of a possible human bird flu outbreak, China's Food and Drug Administration announced that the state has already begun building stockpiles of the human bird flu vaccine Panflu as a

Officials warn of pandemic as public loses interest

Top researchers and government officials met this week to sound the alarm, once again, over the threat of a possible bird flu pandemic. Unlike years past, though, they say that their message is

Bird flu vaccine for poultry headed for 'total failure'

An outbreak of bird flu at a Hong Kong poultry farm is raising concerns as some of the birds that died had been vaccinated against the virus. That's an alarming sign that the vaccine may be losing

Pre-priming cuts response time to bird flu jab

There's more evidence that pre-priming a population with avian flu jabs would help countries mount a rapid response to any outbreak in the future. A group of British researchers tested the approach

Novartis: Data supports pre-pandemic vax campaign

Investigators are touting new data that shows Novartis' pre-pandemic flu vaccine Aflunov can deliver swift protection to people primed with the MF59-adjuvanted vaccine up to six years earlier. Those

Novartis: Data supports pre-pandemic vaccinations

Novartis is touting new data showing that a single jab of one of its vaccines induced a protective antibody response in patients who had already been vaccinated as much as six years earlier. The

Cell-based pandemic vaccine successful in human trial

Baxter International says that a human trial of its Celvapan bird flu vaccine demonstrated that it spurred an immune response against three strains of the lethal virus. This is the first time that

WHO warns of rising bird flu pandemic risk

The headlines may have died down in recent months, but bird flu experts say that the threat of a global pandemic has actually been growing. The World Health Organization outlined the spread of the

ALSO NOTED: Shire nabs orphan product; New prez at Cell Therapeutics; and much more...

> Shire has acquired arylsulfatase, an orphan enzyme replacement therapy in Phase I/II for Metachromatic Leukodystrophy, from the Danish company Zymenex.