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Latest Headlines

Novartis, HHS unveil pandemic-ready vax plant

A joint effort by government and industry has begotten a nearly $1 billion cell-culture flu vaccine manufacturing facility. Novartis ($NVS) and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

China to ramp up epidemic vax system

To improve its ability to cope with epidemic emergencies, China says it will spend $1.45 billion to develop a national vaccine provision system. The goal is to create a system that can supply

Study: Suspicion will greet any new pandemic vax

When the next pandemic hits, you can expect a huge number of people in the U.S. to steer clear of any new vaccine developed to prevent an outbreak. Many will not be quite sure of its safety, and

Disease-spread models to get tuning

The great '08/'09 swine flu bust--and the corresponding great vaccine oversupply--may be easier to avoid during the next potential pandemic, thanks to informatics work underway at Indiana University.

Novartis vax division booms as demand spikes

Xconomy has an interesting Q&A with Andrin Oswald, Novartis' chief of vaccines and diagnostics. Oswald explains that the vaccines division swelled by 1,000 people over the summer as the pharma

Calls for $8B vax campaign grow in U.S.

The editorial board at the San Jose Mercury-News did the math on vaccinating every American versus the likely impact of a tsunami of new flu cases and came down hard on the side of ramping up vaccine

NIH summit hopes to heighten pandemic preparedness

As the Obama administration grapples with the question of whether or not to order a massive quantity of swine flu vaccine for this fall, it is holding a one-day summit at the NIH today to get states

Vaccine platform to aid in pandemic preparedness

Influenza vaccine production is the subject of an agreement between Neugenesis and the international nonprofit PATH. Under the agreement, Neugenesis will conduct proof-of-concept work to demonstrate

Swine flu vaccine production underway

Using its baculovirus and insect cell manufacturing technology, Protein Sciences estimates that it could be delivering H1N1 swine flu vaccine by mid July. That includes quality testing time, the

Bloomberg: WHO readies phase 6 pandemic alert

World Health Organization Director-General Margaret Chan is wrestling with a thorny dilemma: How do you declare a phase 6 pandemic--the first warning in 41 years that a flu virus is entrenched in