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Latest Headlines

Docs enthused about coming PCSK9 meds--and ready to prescribe

After last week's expert panel meetings, the FDA may put some label limits on PCSK9 cholesterol drugs. But Sanofi, Regeneron and Amgen can take heart. 

Sanofi and Regeneron's would-be blockbuster clears FDA hurdle, but questions remain

A cholesterol-slashing treatment from Sanofi and Regeneron won over a key FDA panel, signaling a likely approval but leaving unclear just which patients should get the new medicine, believed to be a blockbuster in the making.

Lower-cost Praluent dose may be Sanofi's weapon against Amgen's rival PCSK9 med

Payers have promised a fight over the price of PCSK9 drugs, a new class of cholesterol fighters expected to be a pricey proposition.

The Gilead effect: PCSK9 rivals Amgen, Sanofi/Regeneron prep for a price war

With the aggressive pharmaceutical benefits manager Express Scripts lying in wait for two new cholesterol blockbuster contenders expected to debut this summer, the highly anticipated price war appears to already be well underway.

Pfizer developing cholesterol-fighting vaccine as part of PCSK9 'franchise'

PCSK9 drugs are the next big market waiting to happen, and with rivals Sanofi/Regeneron and Amgen ahead in the development race, Pfizer wants to make sure it can lock down a solid share of the market. So beyond in-development anti-cholesterol antibody bococizumab, it's working on a wider PCSK9 "franchise," R&D chief Mikael Dolsten said Tuesday at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference--and that includes a vaccine.

It's megablockbuster halfsies for Sanofi, Amgen in next new cholesterol market

When is cholesterol fighting a game of six of one, half dozen of the other? Could be when the contest is between Amgen and its PCSK9 inhibitor evolocumab, and Sanofi and Regeneron's rival alirocumab. Despite some dramatic new data from the latter team--and a first-up filing with the FDA by Amgen--analysts figure on a dead heat once the drugs hit the market.