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Latest Headlines

Group to test new cancer therapies in mouse model

The Jackson Laboratory is teaming up with the UC Davis Cancer Center on a new biomedical research initiative that will allow researchers to extract a solid tumor from an individual cancer patient and

Experts discuss challenges, promises of personalized medicine

Personalized medicine holds tremendous promise for drugmakers, clinicians and patients alike--the market is estimated at about $232 billion and is projected to grow 11 percent annually, according to

Oxford Nanopore rounds up $28M to back sequencing tech

The U.K.'s Oxford Nanopore has raised $28 million in new venture funds to fuel its quest to create a far cheaper template for full human genome sequencing. The company is one of several groups racing

Discovery could herald personalized treatments for breast cancer

Boston-area researchers have discovered the reason why some breast cancer patients respond to normal chemotherapy but others do not. Led by Andrea Richardson and Zhigang Charles Wang, investigators

Sequence data to beset biotechs in 2010

Talk about data volume: Third-generation sequencing technologies will make it possible to catalog the DNA of every individual in large populations, says Eric Schadt, chief scientific officer of

The genetic revolution takes aim at the pipeline

Six years ago, sequencing a genome cost hundreds of millions of dollars. This year, a variety of tech companies like Complete Genomics, Pacific Biosciences and Knome competed avidly to bring the

Biotech faces the tipping point for personalized meds

One reason the deal-making tempo in biotechnology is speeding up is the booming business for personalized medicines. Analysts at PricewaterhouseCoopers put on their green visors and predicted that

Imaging, informatics steer cancer regimen

Tissue-based biomarker technology that can simultaneously map more than 25 proteins in tumors at the sub-cellular level is the product of a two-year-old collaboration between GE Global Research

Sequencing looms as a game changer

Yesterday I was excited to see a feature story in the San Jose Mercury News reporting that Complete Genomics had cut the price point on full genome sequencing from $250,000 to $4,000. That's a little

Metabolic profiling offers new approach to personalized medicine

Metabolic profiling--an analysis of chemical reactions in the body--holds the promise of selecting the best drug at an optimum dose for a patient, according to a group of scientists in the U.K.