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Latest Headlines

Personalized cancer vax improves survival rates

A personalized cancer vaccine derived by mixing a patient's dendritic immune cells with an immune stimulator significantly improved the survival rates of a group of people afflicted by metastatic

DNA barcoding for genetic research

Aurora Health Care is launching an IT-fueled research effort to support personalized medicine based on genetic research. The Orbit program creates a repository of lab specimens and electronic health

Scientist blueprints $245M research institute

Dietrich Stephan was a founding scientist at the $90 million Translational Genomics Research Institute in Phoenix. Now he has ambitious plans to establish a $245 million research institute in

Genzyme lines up $600M for personalized meds

Genzyme CEO Henri Termeer (photo) said yesterday that his company--the world's largest developer of rare disease treatments--will spend about $600 million in 2009 to acquire new products for chronic

Personalized medicine comes into its own

Last November I hosted a webinar on the personalized medicine trend. It drove home one more time how an explosion of new genetics research is highlighting the mechanisms that dictate an individual's

FDA advisers skeptical of retrospective genetic analysis

An FDA advisory committee took a dim view of two prominent developers' attempt to use a retrospective look at drug data to make a case that cancer drugs should be reserved for a specific population

Invitrogen gets breast cancer test approval

Invitrogen has won FDA approval of a test that can determine whether a woman with breast cancer will benefit from Genentech's Herceptin. The SPOT-Light test, as it is known, uses a DNA probe for the

Expert forecasts revolution in drug dev. work

In the not too distant future drug development work will be revolutionized by new computer technology that will "test" experimental therapies on virtual humans, says a new report from

Perlegen, 454 to study drug response

Perlegen Sciences and 454 Life Sciences (now owned by Roche) have teamed up to conduct large scale genetic re-sequencing

Genetic test seen as big step to personalized meds

A few weeks ago, the FDA roiled the scientific community  with its decision