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Latest Headlines

Five3, maker of cancer genomics software, takes off from UCSC labs

A group from the University of California, Santa Cruz, has embarked on a new project to commercialize cancer genomics software through a new startup company called Five3 Genomics. The company has attracted a few of the biggest names in genomics and biotech to serve as advisers.

Oracle, IBM support $100M personalized medicine effort at UPMC

The Pittsburgh-based health group has tapped Oracle, IBM, Informatica and dbMotion for technology in the $100 million project, which will give clinicians, researchers, administrators and others real-time access to data and analytics, UPMC announced Oct. 1.

Life Technologies, CollabRx forge molecular Dx data deal

Life Technologies ($LIFE) just sealed a multi-year deal with CollabRx ($CLRX) intended to supercharge the value of its molecular diagnostics tests with lots of data.

Avatar mice up ante for personalized drug treatment research

There's a new trend in research: using mice as avatars, or stand-ins, of sorts--personal guinea pigs for patients seeking the best possible cancer treatment.

Breast cancer gene finding upends Dx methodology

A finding that there are four main genetic subtypes of breast cancer creates enormous new opportunities for diagnostics companies. And the research, conducted by the Cancer Genome Atlas project and published in the journal Nature, could further upend the diagnostics industry as the science behind personalized medicine continues to advance, Bloomberg reports.

Foundation Medicine's $42.5 million round to juice Dx commercialization

Foundation Medicine has pulled in a sizeable $42.5 million Series B financing round, seriously juicing its capacity to support commercial sales of its signature molecular diagnostic test and advance another one in the pipeline.

BioFire Diagnostics nails down $25M investment

BioFire Diagnostics has pulled in $25 million in new funding to accelerate product development of signature tests.

Life Technologies reels in Bristol-Myers Squibb as companion Dx partner

California's Life Technologies ($LIFE) is the latest Dx player to catch the eye of Big Pharma. The Carlsbad company will partner with Bristol-Myers Squibb ($BMY) to develop a number of new companion diagnostics.

GE Healthcare, U. Wisconsin, seal $33M Dx partnership

GE Healthcare ($GE) will invest nearly $33 million as part of a multifaceted deal with the University of Wisconsin to boost collaboration on new imaging and diagnostics technology, and generate a robust stream of technology and patents.

Merck Serono launches biomarker spinoff

Merck Serono has launched a second spinoff company, Quartz Bio, which will focus on biomarker data management and analysis for pharma companies developing new drugs. The biomarker information will allow companies to select the patients most likely to respond in clinical trials, as well as help doctors to tailor treatment to individual patients once drugs reach the market.