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Latest Headlines

Inform Genomics: Personalized medicine uses genetic markers with a twist

A recently formed privately funded startup, Inform Genomics, is taking the concept of genetic markers and giving it a new twist, Ed Rubenstein, president and CEO, told FierceBiomarkers.

Genentech, Pfizer, Celgene are Epic Sciences' new companion Dx allies

Epic Sciences in San Diego, which launched just in 2008, says it has sealed collaboration deals with six pharmaceutical companies looking to develop companion diagnostics for cancer drugs.

UPDATED: Quintiles adds in-house genomic testing with latest buyout

Quintiles has scooped up a provider of genomic testing and analysis as the global pharma services company beefs up its internal capabilities to support the development of personalized drugs. With the buyout of Expression Analysis, Quintiles builds on a series of acquisitions and alliances that advance the genomics revolution into research labs and clinical trials.

Quintiles continues buying spree, nabs genomics player

Wheeling and dealing its way around the globe, Quintiles has snapped up a genomics testing operation in its own back yard in North Carolina to help keep up with the revolution underway in the development of personalized medicines.

Pfizer taps biotech startup to tailor R&D of lupus, autoimmune drugs

As the drug giant doubles down on personalized drug development, Pfizer has lassoed capabilities from the venture-back biotech Nodality to understand the molecular underpinnings of autoimmune diseases to inform research of new therapeutics. The alliance, which initially focuses on lupus, gives Pfizer the option to tap the South San Francisco-based startup for companion diagnostics.

Dutch telethon awards €1.2M for personalized meds research

The U.S. cancer charity Stand Up To Cancer, the Dutch Cancer Society, and the American Association for Cancer Research have awarded the first Sta Op Tegen Kanker International Translational Cancer Research Grant to the Dutch Center for Personalized Cancer Treatment.

Olympics anti-doping team to pursue biomarkers after the games

The U.K. pieced together an ambitious collaboration of researchers and industry leaders to create an anti-doping facility for the Olympics. And after the athletes are done competing, the research team intends to go on in its own pursuit for gold.

A handful of genetic mutations drive acute leukemia transformation

It turns out when it comes to developing acute myeloid leukemia, a few genetic "driver" mutations are all that are needed to bring on the disease. Researchers determined that many other mutations that exist in leukemia cells aren't actually related to the cancer.

NCI spotlights cancer gene-drug matchmaker software

An updated set of web-based analysis tools rapidly finds drugs with the potential to combat certain cancers, matching the drugs with tumors based on vast amounts of genetic information about the cancers and data on thousands of tested compounds.

Life Technologies expands its Dx business with Navigenics buy

Life Technologies is buying cancer diagnostics company Navigenics, looking to cash in on the boom in diagnostics.