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Latest Headlines

Diagnostic deals surge as developers target more new drugs

Over the past three years the number of partnerships being inked between drug developers and diagnostics companies has soared, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers.

AstraZeneca's R&D chief vows to keep 'pedal to the metal'

AstraZeneca's decision to expand its diabetes partnership with Bristol-Myers Squibb in the wake of the $5.3 billion Amylin buyout is the biggest new deal in a string of drug pacts completed this year. But don't expect the pharma giant to back away from the deal table anytime soon.

Outspoken Avalon founder offers unvarnished opinions on biotech investing

About a year-and-a-half ago Avalon Ventures' founder Kevin Kinsella caused a stir when he attacked pharma companies for their "predatory" deals with biotech companies. Now the San Diego-based investor is back, offering his hometown newspaper some highly quotable views on biotech investing, the personalized medicine trend, the futility of gene sequencing and more.

Biodesix feels the buzz at BIO2012

Paul Beresford, vice president of business development and strategic marketing at Biodesix, spoke to FierceBiomarkers ahead of his appearance on the BIO2012 panel "Commercialization of Personalized Medicine: Stakeholders' Recipe For Success." So what is Biodesix's own recipe for success? Keeping it collaborative and seeking validation, he explains.

Sequoia-backed startup enters race to make sense of the genome

Silicon Valley Biosystems has emerged from top-secret status this week with bold plans to provide doctors with high-quality reports on their patients' genomes, challenging a growing crowd of software companies with similar goals, Bio-IT World 's veteran editor Kevin Davies reported.

Genetic software upstart secures $250K

GenomOncology has jumped into the race to analyze genetic data for cancer specialists. With applications in pharma and research labs and oncology clinics, the company's "genomic-analysis-as-service" plan has attracted a $250,000 commitment from the nonprofit venture group JumpStart.

Agendia draws in $65M for cancer molecular Dx development

Agendia has pulled in $65 million in a private round of equity financing, with plans to use the massive cash infusion to advance and expand commercial development of its cancer-focused molecular diagnostic tests.

Foundation Medicine launches innovative cancer diagnostic

The FoundationOne molecular diagnostic test is a unique mix of genetic sequencing and data gathering designed to help oncologists pick the best treatment for individual patients.

Roche re-enlists software for personalized medicine research

Swiss drug giant Roche ($RHHBY) has renewed a license to Genedata's software for managing omics data to explore molecular pathways and validate biomarkers.

Biomarkers rescue Amgen's MAb, support Roche's Avastin

Studies give boost to Genentech/Roche's ($RHHBY) Avastin (bevacizumab) and Amgen's ($AMGN) rilotumumab.