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Latest Headlines

High price of failure drives drug development costs into the stratosphere

The debate over the true cost of developing new drugs has created a virtual cottage industry of analysis in recent years. Critics maintain that the pharma industry has wildly overblown costs to

Personalized medicine grows in China with Chinese/Canadian collaboration

Long thought of as a low-cost location for manufacturing, China is quickly emerging as a growing market and a center for R&D in its own right, and companies from the West are recognizing this,

Oracle announces new round of projects in IT, clinical trials

As projects generate larger quantities of more complex data, IT needs to becomes an increasingly important part of research of any kind, but particularly personalized medicine.

Women's own cells could blast breast cancer

The idea of using your own cells to create a vaccine seems to be the ultimate in personalized medicine, and results from a breast cancer trial bring this idea yet another step closer. After receiving...

Mutated melanoma receptor heightens diabetes risk

It turns out that patients with any of four rare mutations in the MT2 gene become 6 times more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes, according to a research study led by Philippe Froguel of the School...

Team finds 2 mutations that cause pediatric brain cancer

Glioblastomas are less common in children than in adults but just as lethal. They are fatal tumors that don't respond to chemotherapy and radiation and inflict a particularly nasty death. These...

Illumina fights Roche bid with 'poison-pill' maneuver

A day after Roche's ($RHHBY) hostile $5.7 billion bid to scoop up Illumina ($ILMN) hit the news, investors are wagering that the maker of DNA sequencing machines will attract a better offer.

Quintiles helps form personalized medicine joint venture

Stepping into the realm of personalized medicine, Quintiles ($QTRN) has created Oxford Cancer Biomarkers, a company focusing on the discovery and development of new cancer biomarkers, and on creating

Ventana, Bayer to collaborate on companion Dx for cancer

Another week, another big personalized medicine partnership announcement from Ventana Medical Systems. This time, the Roche unit said it will be working with Bayer Pharma on a molecular companion

Knome taps Pfizer vet as new CEO

With plans to up its game in the biopharma and healthcare arenas, genome interpretation provider Knome has hired veteran biotech executive Martin Tolar as its new chief executive, the company