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Latest Headlines

Children in Philippines receive rotavirus vaccination

About 700,000 children in the Philippines will receive a rotavirus vaccination, thanks to a national immunization program for children.

Teva to bulk up in Asia with generics buyouts

Now, it's Teva Pharmaceutical Industries ($TEVA) looking eastward for deals. The Israeli-based drugmaker figures the Asian generics market will be hopping over the next several years, with burgeoning

Philippine price cuts pinch brands and generics

File this under unintended consequence: Price cuts in the Philippines for branded drugs are putting some generics makers in a tight spot. The price-slashing began last August and have continued

Philippines backs off some price cuts

One month after threatening to slash prices on numerous meds by up to 50 percent, the Philippines health ministry is set to reach a deal through which prices will be cut only on 40 drugs suggested by

Aiming for growth in Indonesia, Philippines

Everyone who's keeping even casual track of the drug industry knows that companies are relying on emerging markets to help fuel sales growth in the coming years as patents expire and growth in the

Look out for new Philippines price cuts

A second round of voluntary price cuts by drugmakers in the Philippines will be announced next week, Health Secretary Esperanza Cabral says. Report

Philippines sets prices despite pharma discounts

The Philippines strikes back. President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo set price controls on two dozen drugs, including Pfizer's Norvasc, in a move expected to cut sales in the island nation by $146 million

Pharma offers Philippines a 50% price cut

Sound familiar? Big Pharma is offering to lower drug prices in the Philippines to circumvent government price controls. With officials on the verge of implementing a new pricing scheme for meds,