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Latest Headlines

The political causes of the Syrian polio crisis

The New York Review of Books has taken a detailed look at the emerging polio crisis in Syria, digging into the current situation and its causes.

How vaccines helped India defeat polio while Pakistan became a reservoir for the virus

In 2002 India suffered 1,599 cases of polio, 17 times more than Pakistan experienced that year. Yet a little more than one decade later India has eradicated polio, while a city in Pakistan is being called the world's "largest reservoir" of the virus.

GAVI adds support for inactivated polio vaccine

The GAVI Alliance is adding the inactivated poliovirus vaccine (IPV) to the list of products it makes available for routine immunization in the world's 73 poorest countries. GAVI is encouraging countries to co-finance IPV but not making it mandatory.

Polio outbreak sparks fears refugees will carry virus to Europe

When the number of Syrians fleeing their war-torn state to live in neighboring countries topped two million, the United Nations refugee head called the situation a "humanitarian calamity." Now it is getting worse, with the potential for the refugees to carry polio across the Middle East and Europe causing alarm.

WHO massively scales up Middle East polio immunization plan

The polio outbreak in Syria has the World Health Organization worried. Just weeks after outlining a two-month, 10-million dose vaccination campaign, the United Nations' public health arm has escalated its plans. The new goal is to vaccinate 50 million kids across the Middle East over the next 8 months.

Taliban anti-vaccine push raises risk of polio outbreak

Polio has reportedly crippled dozens of children in Pakistan over the past 6 months. For now, these outbreaks are contained, but with authorities finding the polio virus in sewage samples in major cities, there are fears the disease will spread.

India gives 114 kids the wrong vaccine in polio mix-up

Vaccines have faced heavy scrutiny in India in recent months, with the safety of pentavalent jabs and ethics of a PATH project being questioned.

Israel takes polio vaccine push nationwide

The initiative initially focused on the south of the country where polio was found in sewage. Having vaccinated 50,000 children in the area, the campaign has gone nationwide.

Israel buys 500,000 polio vaccines for immunization push

In the months since finding poliovirus in sewage, Israeli officials have found that up to 2,000 people in the south of Israel may carry the virus, prompting the government to buy 500,000 vaccines for an immunization campaign.

Polio discovery prompts Israeli vaccination push

Samples taken in Gaza and the West Bank have been consistently negative for the polio virus since 2002, but the virus has now surfaced in sewage in the south. An emergency response is under way.