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Latest Headlines

Vaccine proves widely effective against meningitis

Over the past eight years a vaccine that guards against pneumococcal meningitis has slashed the number of new cases posted for children under the age of two. In a new study published in the New

Wyeth ready to bring Prevnar to EU market

Although the company said it expected to file its regulatory applications in the U.S. and Europe next year, Wyeth announced Wednesday that it had submitted it's application to the EMEA for Prevnar-13

Wyeth's PCV vax better than current blockbuster

Wyeth's investigational pneumococcal vaccine (PCV) for young children, Prevnar-13, appears to offer better protection than the current blockbuster vaccine, Prevnar. The New Jersey-based company

Wyeth seeking regulatory approval for Prevnar-13

Wyeth is putting the finishing touches on its regulatory application for Prevnar-13, the latest generation in a series of jabs that defend against pneumococcal disease. Wyeth researchers say that