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Vaccine gives dangerous pneumococcus strains an opening

When a vaccine that guards against the most common causes of pneumococcal disease comes to the market, it's simultaneously creating fresh opportunities for strains not covered in the shot, scientists

GSK, Pfizer discount vaccines for poor

Over the next 10 years, kids in developing countries will see a stream of discounted vaccines from Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline. The two drugmakers have inked a long-term vaccine deal with the GAVI

Pfizer's big payoff from Wyeth buy begins

Pfizer's buyout of Wyeth is starting to really pay off. The Big Kahuna of Wyeth's pipeline--a new version of the childhood vaccine Prevnar--has won FDA approval. If you don't hear the celebratory

FDA panel says yes to updated Prevnar

The new Pfizer-Wyeth got good news Wednesday after an FDA panel determined that the company's updated version of childhood vaccine Prevnar is safe and effective. In a 10-1 vote, the FDA's Vaccines

Dutch pull Pfizer infant vaccine after deaths

Dutch health authorities have yanked a batch of Pfizer's Prevnar following the deaths of three infants. Prevnar, which is known as Prevenar in Europe, is used to protect infants from certain

Fewer Prevnar jabs just as effective

A new study demonstrates that three doses of Wyeth's pneumococcal vaccine Prevnar works as well as the four-dose regimen currently in use. And a reduction in jabs could save payers a significant

Fewer Prevnar doses work fine, study shows

If three doses is as good as four, why pay for another? That's the question raised by a new study of Wyeth's pneumococcal vaccine Prevnar. Researchers found that three doses--a so-called 2-plus-1

Infant's death raises questions about overseas trials

Indian officials are raising fresh questions about the potential safety threat posed by clinical trials after the country's top drug regulator concluded that a three-month-old infant died in a

Vaccine proves widely effective against meningitis

Over the past eight years a vaccine that guards against pneumococcal meningitis has slashed the number of new cases posted for children under the age of two. In a new study published in the New

Whistleblowers allege problems with Wyeth's Prevnar

Two former Wyeth workers continue to cause controversy for Wyeth's blockbuster vaccine Prevnar. Wyeth disclosed recently that the workers' whistleblower suits accused the company of making false