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Latest Headlines

Novartis: We cannot keep shipping Bexsero under investigational license

Novartis is trying to make its meningitis B vaccine Bexsero widely available in the U.S., instead of just supplying it on an ad hoc basis to tackle outbreaks.

CDC considers expanding use of Bexsero as meningitis outbreak spreads

Princeton University will not begin to offer Novartis' meningitis B vaccine to Bexsero to students until next week, but health officials are already considering expanding the campaign to another university. An outbreak at the University of California, Santa Barbara, is the cause of the latest concerns.

Princeton study: Bacteria clogs devices rapidly

Bacteria clogs medical devices in a very nasty way, Princeton University researchers have determined, and their decoding of the process will help propel development of new technology to prevent it.

Purdue/Princeton team creates firewall for medical devices

researchers at Purdue and Princeton universities say they've come up with a solution to heart device hacking: a good old-fashioned firewall.

Universal vaccine could cut flu across the whole community

Many vaccines do more than just protect individual vaccinated people. They also protect the whole community through what is known as "herd immunity" by cutting the number of sick people...

Two computational biology standouts honored

A pioneer and an up-and-comer in the field of computational biology have garnered awards from the International Society of Computational Biology. The first award, for a senior scientist in the field,