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Latest Headlines

Bavarian Nordic starts PhII of Prostvac in early-stage cancer

Looking to expand its potential market for prostate cancer immunotherapy candidate Prostvac, Bavarian Nordic has announced that it's beginning a Phase II trial for its vaccine in early-stage prostate cancer, representing another possible avenue to broaden the candidate's reach.

UCLA researchers position glucose transporter as a target for pancreatic, prostate cancer

Promising research conducted by Dr. Ernest Wright and Dr. Jorge Barrio, both of UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, show two types of sodium-dependent glucose transports known as SGLT1 and SGLT2 are actively involved in glucose uptake into tumors. And that makes them prime targets for drug investigators.

Profound Medical partners with Philips just after reverse merger

Profound Medical went public on the Toronto Stock Exchange last month and raised $25 million in June. Now, it's partnered with Royal Philips to develop its novel, minimally invasive prostate gland ablation tool to be used on Philips' MRI systems.

Glucose delivery pathway that feeds tumors could be exploited to knock them down

New work from researchers at UCLA is shedding light on the delivery of glucose to tumor cells, particularly in pancreatic and prostate cancers. The research could offer new diagnostic procedures for detecting these cancers and, down the road, the use of inhibitors to cut down the amount of glucose delivered to the tumors, slowing down their growth.

Experimental prostate cancer combo shows promise in case studies

Dr. Matthias Eder of the German Cancer Research Center has been working on a new molecule that targets prostate-specific membrane antigen, a protein that clusters on the surface of prostate cancer cells.

Augmenix unleashes promising data for injectable prostate cancer spacer

Augmenix is trumpeting results from a study of its prostate cancer spacing device, promising data as the company charges ahead with development for the product after snagging FDA clearance in April.

Eyeing Xofigo growth, Bayer launches 'speak up' campaign in prostate cancer

New survey data show that 68% of men--nearly 7 in 10--sometimes ignore the symptoms of prostate cancer, putting off treatment for advanced forms of the disease. For Bayer--which markets cancer drug Xofigo to treat metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer--that's far too many.

VCU scientist preps gene therapy/drug combo for PhI prostate cancer study

A group of investigators at Virginia Commonwealth University's Massey Cancer Center and the VCU Institute of Molecular Medicine say that a new animal study highlights the promise of a gene therapy tied to an experimental cancer drug in hitting metastatic prostate cancer.

Germany's cost watchdog decides Valeant's Provenge has added benefit after all

In January, Germany's cost watchdog decided that Dendreon's--now Valeant's--Provenge had no added benefit for men with metastatic prostate cancer. But now, it's changing its tune.

GenomeDx expands prostate cancer Dx reach with Medicare coverage deal

GenomeDx Biosciences bagged Medicare coverage for its postoperative prostate cancer diagnostic, putting its test in the hands of more patients and helping the company gain ground in a crowded market.