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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Augmenix touts study of its rectal spacer to cut side effects of prostate cancer radiotherapy

Waltham, MA's Augmenix touted its FDA-cleared absorbable spacer for improving prostate cancer radiotherapy. By implanting the hydrogel spacer between the rectum and prostate, the SpaceOAR device spares the rectum from an unwelcome radiation dose, the company says.

Philips debuts system to plan prostate cancer radiation treatment using MRI imaging only

Royal Philips today rolled out the first commercially available magnetic resonance (MR)-only solution in the U.S. for use in planning radiation treatments for prostate cancer.

Clinical Genomics brings home $15M for two-gene colorectal cancer test

Clinical Genomics is vying for a space in the saturated liquid biopsy market, and now it has some funds to help it along the way. The company reeled in $15 million in a Series A round to support development of its genetic test for colorectal cancer.

NICE changes its tune on J&J;'s Zytiga for pre-chemo prostate cancer treatment

The U.K. cost watchdogs at the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence have said they couldn't fund Johnson & Johnson's prostate cancer drug Zytiga for pre-chemo treatment because it was too expensive. Now J&J; has stepped forward with some discounts, so NICE is changing its tune.

San Diego startup raises $25M+ for prostate cancer genomics just after launch of latest test

Prostate cancer genomics company GenomeDx Biosciences has raised $25.4 million to back its prostate cancer genomic testing, according to a March 10 SEC filing. The financing disclosure comes just after the San Diego, CA-based startup launched its latest prostate cancer test, Decipher Biopsy, earlier this month. GenomeDx already markets Decipher Post-Op, making the new test its second on the market.

Odoreader showing promise as urological 'smell' test for prostate cancer

A urological "smell" test for prostate cancer is snaking its way through the R&D; process. The University of the West of England's Urological Institute team at Southmead Hospital and the Bristol Royal Infirmary said a pilot of the diagnostic showed promise on 155 men, 58 of whom had prostate cancer and 24 of whom had bladder cancer.

Qiagen backs liquid biopsy startup Exosome in $60M Series B

Diagnostics giant Qiagen has joined the syndicate of Exosome Diagnostics--helping to distinguish this liquid biopsy startup from its growing crowd of peers. The pair are already partnered under a 2014 lung cancer diagnostic development deal. The Cambridge, MA-based startup has raised a $60 million Series B round to launch its liquid biopsy test via its CLIA-certified lab as well as to seek out companion diagnostics deals with biopharmas.

Roche bags a preclinical next-gen prostate cancer program in $142M deal

Roche has stepped in to in-license the preclinical work of two Canadian investigators who have been focused on inhibiting all forms of the androgen receptor in an effort to find new drugs that can step in after prostate cancer patients become resistant to the first wave of drugs now on the market.

Bone microenvironment offers new approach on prostate cancer

Studying the bone microenvironment may offer new insights into better drugs for fighting prostate cancer metastasis.

Medivation's Xtandi sales force due for hiring, revamp as urology push falls flat

With a new first-line approval last year in metastatic prostate cancer, Medivation and Astellas' Xtandi was set up for a head-to-head fight against Johnson & Johnson's Zytiga. Some analysts figured Xtandi would skate to first place. But it hasn't turned out that way--and now, Medivation is putting some more money behind its drug to change course.
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