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Latest Headlines

CTC levels could provide a prostate cancer survival clue

New research supports the use of a circulating tumor cell blood test, rather than the standard PSA biomarker diagnostic, to predict a patient's odds of surviving prostate cancer.

GE Healthcare prostate cancer imaging agent spurs the formation of a U.K. Dx startup

A U.K. diagnostics startup is off and running, backed by nearly $21.3 million in financing to support development of a PET imaging agent for recurrent prostate cancer licensed from GE Healthcare.

Exosome Diagnostics has $27M to become a 'pillar of personalized medicine' in 2014

Exosome Diagnostics announces this morning it has raised $27 million and will go to market in 2014 with its first fluid-based diagnostic test, a noninvasive urine sample designed to detect prostate cancer without a biopsy.

Myriad's new prostate cancer Dx study could help it win Medicare coverage in June

Myriad Genetics is celebrating promising results from a study demonstrating the clinical utility of its Prolaris prostate cancer molecular diagnostic test. The Utah company hopes to use the data to win Medicare reimbursement for the test by this June.

Myriad touts positive data for Dx that predicts prostate cancer recurrence

Myriad Genetics, long known for its predictive breast cancer tests, said recent clinical data backs up assertions that one of its new diagnostic assays can successfully determine which men will face a recurrence or spread of prostate cancer after radical surgery.

MDxHealth teams up with Teva to distribute its prostate, brain cancer tests

Belgium's MDxHealth has partnered with generics maker Teva Pharmaceuticals to commercialize its ConfirmMDx for prostate cancer and PredictMDx for glioblastoma tests in Israel.

A Dendreon consultant has raised $8M for a cancer vaccine startup

Although recent products have given prostate cancer patients more treatment options, the American Cancer Society still estimates that almost 30,000 men died of the disease last year. This week virtual drug developer Madison Vaccines raised $8 million to further its ambitions to cut that figure.

Cellular switch biomarker predicts prostate cancer's spread

Once a patient is treated for prostate cancer, close medical monitoring offers an imperfect way to catch potential recurrence or spread of the disease. Researchers believe they've found an easier way to get the job done: a biomarker for a cellular switch. 

Canadian team relies on synchrotron to develop better prostate cancer Dx

An invasive biopsy has long been the best way to help doctors definitively diagnose prostate cancer. But Canadian researchers, through their use of a synchrotron particle accelerator, believe they're on the way toward developing a more precise, less-invasive approach.

Molecular 'grenades' from GenSpera reel in PhI liver cancer success

Texas biotech GenSpera touted successful Phase I data this week for its prodrug candidate designed to target solid tumors by taking advantage of the enzymatic action of the prostate-specific membrane antigen, which effectively "pulls the pin on the grenade" of the uniquely delivered drug.