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Latest Headlines

Canadian team relies on synchrotron to develop better prostate cancer Dx

An invasive biopsy has long been the best way to help doctors definitively diagnose prostate cancer. But Canadian researchers, through their use of a synchrotron particle accelerator, believe they're on the way toward developing a more precise, less-invasive approach.

Molecular 'grenades' from GenSpera reel in PhI liver cancer success

Texas biotech GenSpera touted successful Phase I data this week for its prodrug candidate designed to target solid tumors by taking advantage of the enzymatic action of the prostate-specific membrane antigen, which effectively "pulls the pin on the grenade" of the uniquely delivered drug.

Three-gene biomarker could detect aggressive prostate cancer sooner

A three-gene biomarker could be used as a predictor of prostate cancer growth to help doctors identify which patients need earlier treatment.

NxThera to launch U.S. clinical trial with $18.2M Series C

NxThera has nailed down $18.2 million in new financing and a pivotal CE mark. Execs will put the money and European regulatory approval to use in multiple ways to advance the company's water vapor endourology surgical device as a treatment for various prostate and kidney conditions.

New compound kills resistant prostate cancer cells

A team at the La Jolla, CA-based Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute has developed a compound called SMIP004 that causes a decrease in the number of androgen receptors--proteins located in prostate cancer cells that are activated by testosterone.

Nerves could predict aggressiveness of prostate cancer

Nerve density may be able to act as a biomarker to predict the development and spread of prostate tumors, according to new research from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University.

MDxHealth hauls in $23.5M for cancer test

Belgian diagnostics outfit MDxHealth has scored $23.5 million through private placement, selling off about 8.7 million shares to expand its commercial abilities and spread the reach of its prostate cancer test.

Study: Balloon implant reduced rectal damage during prostate cancer treatment

A biodegradable balloon designed to significantly reduce rectal injury in prostate cancer patients facing radiation therapy performed well in an international Phase I clinical trial.

New CTC technology looks promising to track evolution of prostate cancer

Researchers in California say they believe circulating tumor cells, captured and analyzed by new technology, could function as a 'liquid biopsy." If further studies confirm the effectiveness of the NanoVelcro Chip, prostate cancer could be more easily tracked over time to provide personalized treatments.

New drug targets lock-and-key mechanism of prostate cancer growth

Researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center have developed a new class of drug that can hinder prostate cancer cells' ability to grow by targeting the lock-and-key mechanism that signals for it.