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Latest Headlines

A urine stick may be a quicker, cheaper way to spot prostate cancer

Pee on a stick, and then learn whether you have prostate cancer. That's the gist of a new, inexpensive test UC Irvine researchers have developed that would use urine instead of blood to screen for prostate cancer.

Investigators raise doubts about VEGF as a driver behind prostate cancer

A group of investigators say they put one theory related to prostate cancer to the test, and came up with some data indicating it's a dead end for developers as well as doctors looking for the right therapeutic strategy for patients.

Bard forks over $48.3M to settle kickback lawsuit

C.R. Bard will fork over $48.3 million to settle allegations that it resorted to kickbacks to boost the use of its radioactive brachytherapy seeds to treat prostate cancer.

Device tax, sluggish demand moves Theragenics Q1 into the red

Theragenics would have eked out a small profit in its 2013 first quarter, if not for the new 2.3% medical device excise tax the industry is aggressively trying to get repealed.

Genomic Health rolls out new prostate cancer Dx

Genomic Health launched its prostate cancer diagnostic this week with great fanfare, backed by seven studies including over 1,100 patients. The challenge ahead: convincing men that results telling them they can wait for more drastic and expensive treatment options are to be believed.

Dx to predict prostate cancer recurrence produces hopeful results

Prostate cancer treatment is in serious need of a diagnostic test that could better predict the chances it will recur. A new molecular diagnostics test designed to address this has generated some encouraging results in a study involving 270 tumor samples.

New Dx chip allows for liquid diagnosis of prostate cancer advance

We have a global research effort to tell you about that produced something potentially novel in prostate cancer diagnostics. Their new tool is called the NanoVelcro Chip, and initial studies showed it had promise in both identifying and then grabbing circulating tumor cells from the blood, that broke away from tumors.

Newly discovered genetic defects predispose men to prostate cancer

Danish researchers believe they've uncovered 72 inherited genetic defects that predispose men to prostate cancer--a finding that could help doctors identify men at high risk, diagnose prostate cancer earlier and treat patients more effectively.

Prostate cancer patients driving penile implant boom

Bloomberg reports that prostate cancer patients seeking to restore sexual function damaged by current treatments are driving the trend.

Protein points to hormone therapy-resistant prostate cancer

Researchers at the Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute in La Jolla, CA, have discovered a specific protein that helps prostate cancer cells become resistant to hormone therapy, which could provide a new therapeutic window for improved treatment regimens.