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Dendreon's Provenge is headed to the finish line

Over the last week investors have been grabbing shares of Dendreon as buzz circulates that the Seattle developer is preparing to reveal pivotal data on its pioneering cancer vaccine at an upcoming

Researchers herald prostate cancer breakthrough

An early-stage prostate cancer therapy is being hailed by researchers for significantly improving outcomes for 250 refractive men who participated in a clinical trial. Abiraterone works by switching

Prostate cancer vaccine performs well in early trial

An early-stage trial of an experimental prostate cancer vaccine demonstrated that it was safe and also generated an immune response among a large percentage of the volunteers in the study. A total of

Prostate cancer vaccine proves effective in mice

A prostate cancer vaccine developed at the University of Southern California was able to prevent the disease in 90 percent of mice engineered to develop cancer. And the scientists say that the same

Hollis-Eden spurs stock price with preclinical news

It's not often that you see a set of preclinical data influence a company's stock price, but

ALSO NOTED: Genes identified in ovarian cancer; gene activity predicts metastasis; new transgenic mice developed for leukemia r

More Research Researchers at McGill University Health Center in Montreal have come up with a new model to identify the specific ovarian cancer genes that are causing the disease. "This model not only allows us to identify the specific human chromosome 3 genes responsible for affecting tumor growth, but also has great potential to pinpoint genes in the entire human genome that would be most affected by this process," said Dr. Patricia Tonin, an …

Community hospitals find new niche in bioresearch

More community hospitals have decided to launch their own research projects, competing for grant money and publishing their results in peer-reviewed publications. Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, for example, has a $56 million budget to research such topics as the use of gene therapy for prostate cancer. Baylor Health Care System in Houston has increased its research budget to $50 million over just the last six years. For the hospitals, it's a chance to burnish their reputation while …

ALSO NOTED: Brain cells used to replicate tissue; New research on metastasis; B cells could promote HIV

Scientists at UF McKnight Brain Institute were able to take human brain cells from a mature epilepsy patient to create new brain tissue in mice. "We can theoretically take a single brain cell out of a human being and--with just this one cell--generate enough brain cells to replace every cell of the donor's brain and conceivably those of 50 million other people," said Dennis Steindler, Ph.D., executive director of the institute. "This is a completely new source of human brain cells that …

Researchers find a possible tumor suppressant

Researchers at the University of Texas M.D. Andersen Cancer Center say they have discovered a single gene--BRT1--that may play a role as a tumor suppressor. BRT1 is under expressed in ovarian, breast and prostate cancer cell lines, say the researchers, whose work is published in Cancer Cell. Defects in the gene inhibit DNA damage response and create genomic instability that fosters the spread of cancer. The researchers conducted lab experiments that showed BRT1 plays a role in …