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Xconomy: Dendreon has only itself to blame for Provenge fiasco

Xconomy's Luke Timmerman takes Dendreon to task for its acknowledged blunder marketing Provenge. Chiding the biotech for overreaching on price, failing to get its marketing ducks in a row ahead of an

Dendreon's sudden fall from grace offers biotechs a tough lesson

Last year Dendreon was one of the biotech industry's leading examples of the kind of transformational change that can occur at a drug developer when it hangs on to U.S. rights to an innovative new

Dendreon, cancer drug developers top slate of buyout candidates

This summer's been somewhat tame on the biotech mergers front. It's lacked a blockbuster deal on par with Sanofi's buyout of Genzyme, reports of which began last summer and kept biotech reporters

Pioneering Dendreon CSO ponders biotech's innovation challenge

Few people in the biotech industry have the kind of long-term perspective that Dave Urdal has gained over the last 16 years as chief scientific officer of Dendreon. He spearheaded a lengthy,

Dendreon busts out of biotech with capacity boost

Dendreon say all three of its manufacturing plants should be online and shipping its prostate cancer vaccine by year's end. Provenge is the first vaccine approved for cancer treatment. The

Medicare panel backs Provenge

A Medicare advisory committee backed Dendreon's prostate cancer vaccine Provenge yesterday, thus increasing the chances federal insurance program will pay for the drug. The treatment costs $93,000 a

CMS: Data shows moderate support for Provenge use

All of the available data for Dendreon's Provenge prostate cancer vaccine shows 'moderate' support for its use, according to a government analysis. CMS, which meets with outside advisers next

Medicare's Provenge review comes into clearer focus

With billions in revenue at stake, every new twist and turn in the saga revolving around the rollout of Provenge gets put under the microscope. Any possibility of market restrictions, a fear raised

Dendreon: Provenge on course to hit blockbuster goal

In the first three months following the FDA's approval of the revolutionary new prostate cancer vaccine Provenge, Dendreon was able to gin a mere $2.8 million in sales as it began to ramp up

NEJM spotlights Provenge study

Shares of Dendreon (NASDAQ: DNDN) soared into the stratosphere in the lead-up to Provenge's approval--and then promptly started tumbling fast as all sorts of questions arose about supply issues, cost