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Dendreon faces big hurdles on cancer vax

Dendreon's announcement earlier this week that its cancer vaccine Provenge was a success in a Phase III trial elicited a euphoric response from investors, but a number of experts tell the Financial

Dendreon says Provenge trial a success

This morning, Dendreon released the highly-anticipated results from a Phase III trial of Provenge, the first therapy designed to trigger an immune response to combat prostate cancer. The Impact

Dendreon's Provenge is headed to the finish line

Over the last week investors have been grabbing shares of Dendreon as buzz circulates that the Seattle developer is preparing to reveal pivotal data on its pioneering cancer vaccine at an upcoming

Next Provenge milestone: interim data

Investors are eagerly awaiting interim data on Dendreon's Provenge, hoping that the October report will indicate that the developer's cancer

Optimistic Dendreon revs up second program

Dendreon is making bullish noises about its development efforts. The CMO of the Seattle biotech says that Provenge will deliver positive new data to the FDA on the delayed cancer therapy Provenge

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> Schering-Plough has proven quick on the layoff trigger. The company announced a plan to cut costs by $1.5 billion by 2012 in the wake of the latest round of Vytorin controversy. Roughly 5,500

More Congressmen call for FDA decision probe

Three more congressmen have joined the fray over Denderon's Provenge, a prostate cancer vaccine. Vern Buchanan (R-FL), Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), and Pat Murphy (D-PA), each wrote letters to John

FDA's stand on Provenge riles cancer patients

The FDA's decision to demand more data on Dendreon's cancer drug Provenge--after an advisory committee had recommended approval--has energized a host of prostate cancer patients. Advocacy groups have

SPOTLIGHT: Enrollment wrapped on Provenge Phase III

Dendreon is pushing ahead with a new late-stage study of Provenge, completing enrollment in a new Phase III trial the FDA has demanded before it can grant full approval for the cancer therapy.

SPOTLIGHT: Dendreon faces probe

Add the SEC to the list of problems faced by Dendreon. Regulators have begun an informal