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Latest Headlines

European pharma lobby says 'non' to French funding for off-label Avastin

The French government recently said "oui" to Roche's ($RHHBY) cancer drug Avastin as a cheap, off-label treatment for the blinding eye disease wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD), prompting a resounding "non" from the pharma industry, which is none-too-pleased with the country's latest move.

Roche shops around for sequencing tech with Lumora buy

Roche has been hot on the trail of sequencing deals this past year, snatching up companies to build out its genomic analysis offerings. In its latest move, the company is buying sequencing products from molecular diagnostics firm Lumora to support its burgeoning portfolio.

China swings from weak sales outlook to savior on reforms?

China's decision this week to spur innovation and approvals in drugs and medical devices has allowed for some long-term silver lining prospects for European drug makers after disappointing second quarter sales for most multinational firms there, Reuters reports.

Roche's M&A; party rages on with Kapa Biosystems deal

Roche has been hot on the dealmaking trail this past year, snatching up smaller companies to boost its portfolio. In its latest round of M&A;, the diagnostics giant is acquiring Kapa Biosystems, getting its hands on the company's next-generation sequencing (NGS) products to further build out its offerings.

Roche makes another Dx acquisition of genomic reagent player Kapa

Sharpening its edge in diagnostics is core to the revenue growth strategy at Roche. The biopharma's deal activity in the last week is certainly a testament to that. It will acquire Kapa Biosystems, which provides enzyme optimization for next-gen sequencing and PCR.

Roche rolls out smartphones for continuous monitoring of participants in Parkinson's trial

Roche is using smartphones to gather data on participants in a Parkinson's disease clinical trial between site visits. The devices will enable both active and passive data collection, with patients being asked to complete daily tests and smartphone sensors gathering information as they go about their lives.

Roche deploying smartphone app to monitor patients during clinical trial of its Parkinson's med

Big Pharma player Roche will use an internally developed smartphone app to monitor the progress of patients during a Phase I clinical trial of its Parkinson's candidates.

Roche shells out up to $425M for superbug testing outfit

Roche is snatching up microbiology diagnostics outfit GeneWEAVE BioSciences for up to $425 million, bolstering its offerings for drug-resistant bacteria testing amid superbug outbreaks and a growing number of hospital-acquired infections.

Roche scores Accutane victory with reversal of $25M verdict

Roche has been on a legal roller coaster with its acne drug Accutane. Facing thousands of claims that the drug triggers inflammatory bowel disease, the Swiss drugmaker is now enjoying a high point, as an appeals court reversed a $25 million verdict against the company.

Roche selects Hawaii's Diagnostic Laboratory Services for molecular diagnostics project

Roche designated Aiea, HI's Diagnostic Laboratory Services a Molecular Center of Excellence for the next 5 years, granting the lab its latest diagnostic technology.