Rotavirus Vaccine

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Latest Headlines

Computer model can boost child vaccination rates while cutting costs

Software developed by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh and Johns Hopkins University has helped the Republic of Benin in West Africa deliver more vaccines to children most in need, according to a new study.

CDC, FDA studies link Merck and GSK rotavirus vaccines to bowel blockages

Merck's rotavirus vaccine RotaTeq has faced close scrutiny since winning FDA approval in 2006, with authorities monitoring whether it shares side effects with a similar Wyeth product that was pulled from the market. Now a FDA-funded study has shown RotaTeq is linked to the side effect, but the benefits outweigh the risks.

GSK's rotavirus vaccine as effective as Merck shot

The data dampen concerns about Rotarix' efficacy raised in an earlier clinical trial, and shows both vaccines to be effective.