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Latest Headlines

NIH-developed dengue vaccine protects all patients in challenge study

As Sanofi works to gain traction for the launch of its world-first dengue vaccine, a potential competitor may be building its case. This week, the National Institutes of Health announced that a candidate developed by scientists there posted "very encouraging" results, according to the team's lead scientist.

As corporate restructuring looms, Sanofi's vaccines deliver in 2015

In the midst of a reshaping, Sanofi has identified its vaccines outfit, Sanofi Pasteur, as a core unit to the company's future. And despite the challenges impacting the company at the corporate level, the vaccines unit had some bright spots to talk up in reporting Q4 and 2015 results.

Sanofi Pasteur joins other industry, academic players in Human Vaccines Project

Sanofi Pasteur has become the latest industry player to join up with the Human Vaccines Project--a global consortium seeking to address prominent issues hindering vaccine development--announcing late last week it's contributing funds for scientific and administrative activities.

Philippines regulator OKs first dengue vaccine in Asia

The Philippines' drug regulator has approved the use of the Sanofi Pasteur vaccine Dengvaxia that covers all four types of dengue fever, its first approval in Asia.

Sanofi's dengue vaccine gets first Asian approval with more discussions underway

The Philippines' FDA approved Sanofi's first-of-its-kind dengue fever vaccine, Dengvaxia, on Tuesday. And on the same day, India's Economic Times reported that the government there is exploring opportunities to accelerate marketing authorization for the vaccine, considering exempting it from large local clinical trials.

Russia hopes to lure drugmakers with increase in buying power

Russia has a lot of purchasing muscle, but few sellers when it comes to pharmaceuticals, so the government has a plan to lure them with a vast increase in the products it buys from local makers. The nation's officials are focusing on the foreign drugmakers to set up production plants in Russia as one way to emerge from a string of recessions.

Sanofi, Gates Foundation and IDRI team up to improve vaccine development process

In recent months, experts have raised concerns about the time and costs involved in developing lifesaving vaccines. Now, Sanofi Pasteur, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Infectious Disease Research Institute (IDRI) are joining together to do their part to improve things.

Analysis: Sanofi's Fluzone High Dose for adults 65+ results in lower medical costs

Older adults don't have as robust an immune response to the flu vaccine as young people do. So Sanofi Pasteur formulated a higher-dose version of its trivalent Fluzone vaccine, which was found in an economic analysis to result in lower medical costs for older adults.

MSF warns that Sanofi leaving antivenom market will lead to treatment crisis

Sanofi Pasteur says it let the world know 5 years ago that it would quit making Fav-Afrique, a snakebite antivenom, because cheaper products had left it unable to compete. But the charity Doctors Without Borders this week said the other products are not as effective and said an impending shortage will lead to unnecessary deaths, often of children.

SK Chemicals ready to sell home-grown influenza vaccine as season gets underway

SK Chemicals said it has released for sale in the domestic market a cell-culture influenza vaccine, SKYCellflu, which received a nod South Korea's Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in March to ramp up production after receiving marketing authorization in December last year.