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Latest Headlines

Sanofi's Shan5 overcomes manufacturing setback to score thumbs up from WHO

Four years after manufacturing problems cost Sanofi-owned Shantha Biotechnics a $340 million contract to supply pentavalent vaccine Shan5, the jab has rewon the World Health Organization's favor, nabbing a positive prequalification decision that opens the door for purchases by United Nations agencies.

Shantha gets go-ahead for operational revamp

Sanofi's plan for revamping Shantha Biotech won Indian government approval, clearing the way for it to recapture WHO contracts for its Shan5 vaccine.

Sanofi's Shantha Biotechnics hopes to relaunch vaccine

Sanofi ($SNY) subsidiary Shantha Biotechnics has told The Hindu Business Line it plans to relaunch its pentavalent vaccine, Shan5, next year after a new WHO audit. In August 2010, the World Health

Sanofi to relaunch Shan5 in 2013

Sanofi ($SNY) subsidiary Shantha Biotech plans to relaunch the company's pentavalent Shan5 vaccine in 2013. The vaccine was removed from the World Health Organization's prequalification list...

Sanofi's Shan5 vaccine to restart in 2013

The year 2013 still appears correct for Sanofi's ($SNY) relaunch of its Shantha Biotech unit's Shan5 pentavalent vaccine, sidelined in 2010 by the World Health Organization because of a white residue

Sanofi/Shantha vax fix will require WHO requalification

Sanofi-Aventis ($SNY) expects its Shantha Shan5 vaccine for five childhood diseases to be off the market until 2013 while it rebounds from manufacturing issues that yielded white sediment in some

UNICEF yanks Sanofi vax, calls in Crucell

Sanofi's loss is Crucell's gain. As pediatricians in Kathmandu work to calm parents unable to have their infants vaccinated against five diseases, Sanofi Aventis' Indian unit Shantha is scrambling to