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Latest Headlines

Amgen says it's awaiting reimbursement details after Japan Repatha nod

Amgen said that the approval for Repatha (evolocumab) in Japan filed by Amgen Astellas Biopharma K.K., a joint venture with Tokyo-based Astellas Pharma, could be launched within months pending reimbursement details.

UPDATED: Unit of Singapore's Biosensors refuses U.S. FDA inspection

A unit of Singapore-based Biosensors International refused a U.S. FDA inspection request and was subsequently barred from selling its products in the United States, joining a rare list of companies in the same category.

Singapore's NRF unveils 5-year, $13B research budget

The National Research Foundation of Singapore unveiled a S$19 billion ($13 billion), 5-year research program that it hopes will help the city-state move up the value chain and turn more of its raw research into commercial opportunities.

UPDATED: Singapore's ASLAN Pharmaceuticals expands work with Spain's Almirall on ASLAN003

Singapore-based ASLAN Pharmaceuticals has expanded a licensing deal with Spain's Almirall for candidate ASLAN003 to oncology, allowing it to possibly move beyond preclinical data to explore new indications as monotherapy or in combinations.

Singapore's TauRx mulls Nasdaq IPO and sees a future for Alzheimer's treatment

Singapore-based TauRx is expected to complete global Phase III trials this year for its Alzheimer's candidate, tau aggregation inhibitor LMTX, that will either start a new chapter in treatment or join a long list of flops.

Singapore researchers ID path for predicting drug resistance

Scientists at Singapore's Agency for Science, Technology and Research's Institute of Medical Biology and Singapore Immunology Network said they have identified a new way to ID and evaluate genes for cell survival and the finding may help reseachers determine how cells develop resistance to drugs.

Singapore-based ASLAN gets $34M in Series C cash for ASLAN001 led by Temasek subsidiary

Singapore-based ASLAN Pharmaceuticals has gained $34 million in Series C financing led by Singapore sovereign wealth fund subsidiary Accuron, placing the biotech in a stronger position to develop leading Phase II candidate ASLAN001.

Singapore researchers close in on 'liquid biopsy' to track cancer progress, treatment

Researchers at the National University of Singapore say they are on the verge of having a blood test capable of keeping track of any cancer's development and the effectiveness of treatments for it as often as month to month.

PRA expands in Singapore with eyes on Asian growth

PRA Health Sciences is moving into a bigger space in Singapore, consolidating its operations there and looking to boost its share of the growing market for clinical research in Asia.

Bioprinting winning converts in Singapore

Scientists believe it might soon be possible to print functioning organs for transplant into humans, according to a recent report in the Southeast Asia Globe. Officials at Singapore's Centre for 3D Printing say they've caught up with Europe and the United States in bioprinting and 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, the report said.
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