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Latest Headlines

Bavarian Nordic smallpox vaccine scores two late-stage trial wins

The threat of a smallpox outbreak is an ongoing concern that's helped Bavarian Nordic pay its bills through the years. With an announcement Wednesday trumpeting two successful late-stage tests, the company has reason to believe it can advance its business with smallpox vaccine Imvamune.

Bavarian Nordic the only bidder for Canada's smallpox vax supply

Canada has invited Danish company Bavarian Nordic--and only Bavarian Nordic--to bid for a tender to supply it with smallpox vaccines

U.S. bioterror readiness highlighted after NIH smallpox discovery

The discovery of vials of "variola," commonly known as smallpox, in a storage room at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD, has raised new concerns that the virus could be used in a bioterrorism attack.

Experts weigh in on smallpox preparedness

For a disease that was eradicated in 1980, smallpox attracts a lot of time, talk and resources. As of May 8, 1980, the only known presence of the virus was in U.S. and Russian government labs. But consistent rumors of renegade stocks or re-engineered viruses have kept defense experts alert.

Smallpox vaccination leads to sexually transmitted infection

A man vaccinated against smallpox passed on a milder form of the disease to a sexual partner, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports.

Bavarian Nordic in peril if U.S. nixes smallpox vaccine order

Denmark's Bavarian Nordic may discover the dangers of putting all its eggs in one basket if the U.S. government does not order a smallpox vaccine by January.

HIV-positive patients approved for smallpox vax in an emergency

The U.S. government will now allow individuals with HIV to receive an attenuated smallpox vaccine during an emergency, according to a release.

WHO: Smallpox vials around until at least 2014

In a 27-7 vote, the World Health Organization has delayed its decision on the fate of smallpox virus stockpiles in the U.S. and Russia until 2014, leading some experts to believe the group sees the

WHO decides not to decide on remaining smallpox stockpiles

Smallpox is one of the few diseases against which humans have actually declared total victory. That happened in 1980, and it took roughly 10,000 years--give or take--to win that war. So, why on earth

Combo anthrax/smallpox vax beats anthrax vax alone

Researchers have found that combination vaccines that protect against multiple maladies work better than vaccines for individual infections, including anthrax vaccines stockpiled by the U.S.
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