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Latest Headlines

Canadian startup's analyzer could upend HIV, cancer Dx testing

Canadian startup ChipCare nailed down nearly $2 million in angel funding to advance a handheld analyzer that could boost access to everything from HIV testing to cancer diagnostics.

Visterra's engineered antibody passes preclinical test as universal flu treatment

Cambridge, MA-based Visterra has finished assembling its preclinical puzzle for a universal influenza therapy, reviewing how its lead engineered antibody thwarted a pair of lethal viruses--still raising alarms around the world--in a mouse study.

Google Ventures bets on oral biologics from startup Rani Therapeutics

In a gamble on making oral version of typically injected therapies, Google Ventures has joined forces with InCube Ventures and VentureHealth to fund a Series B round for Rani Therapeutics. And with its lofty oral-delivery goals, San Jose, CA-based Rani is tackling the kind of big idea in biotech that Google's venture fund likes to bankroll.

UPDATED: Adimab adds Celgene to high-profile clientele for antibody drug discovery

A frequent partner of small biotech companies, Celgene has tapped Adimab to discover therapeutic antibodies against a slate of undisclosed targets. Separately, Lebanon, NH-based Adimab has partnered with Chinese biotech company Innovent to discover antibody drugs.

San Diego upstart acquires RNA tech from cash-strapped Marina Biotech

Marina Biotech has sold off a chunk of intellectual property in its portfolio of RNA technologies, and CEO J. Michael French says that the deal is "one step" toward moving his company to the Boston area, Mass High Tech reported.

The hottest disease field for biotech startups and M&A might surprise you

Silicon Valley Bank has been crunching the numbers on biotech launches and M&A deals reaching back 8 years, concluding that there's been a recent shift in the disease focus of companies getting funded in Series A rounds, while M&A deals surged over the past two years as upfront payments dwindled.

GlaxoSmithKline wires up $50M VC fund for bioelectronic treatment effort

The pharma giant intends to back 5 to 7 drug and device startups in the bioelectronics field over the next 5 years in the latest example of GSK's commitment to come up with a blend of specially focused venture funds aimed at seeding new companies that dovetail with their R&D specialties.

Apexigen lands $20M round as China biotech partners advance antibodies

Apexigen, a Burlingame, CA-based company that was spun out of Epitomics three years ago, says that much of the money will be used to work on an in-house cancer immunotherapy dubbed APX005.

Biotech vets pick up $10M B round for startup Alcresta

Alcresta has fueled up with venture dollars en route to commercialization of its biotech-inspired nutritional products with a $10 million Series A round from previous backers Bessemer Venture Partners, Frazier Healthcare and Third Rock Ventures.

Mitsubishi Tanabe set to buy Medicago for VLP technology

Life science stocks are hot, venture capitalists have renewed their interest in biotech and a host of big companies are on the hunt for startup vaccine makers with novel products and technology. Medicago is the latest developmental vaccine maker to attract a bid.