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Latest Headlines

Preclinical study advances H. pylori vaccine for stomach cancer

Researchers are one step closer to creating a human vaccine for Helicobacter pylori, a bacterium found in 50% of the world's population that infects the stomach and causes chronic gastric inflammation, which can lead to ulcers and stomach cancer.

Immune discovery puts vaccine for H. pylori closer in sight

Researchers have for the first time established human immune responses to a bacterium responsible for stomach cancer, marking a major step toward a vaccine against the pathogen.

FDA OKs Lilly's blockbuster hopeful ramucirumab for stomach cancer

The bull case for Eli Lilly and its long-stunted R&D operation rests largely on a potential string of FDA approvals for the much-hyped ramucirumab, and the Indiana drugmaker picked up its first, clearing the treatment to treat stomach cancer.

Four new biomarkers may enable an earlier stomach cancer diagnosis

Australian researchers say they've zeroed in on four new biomarkers that could enable a simple blood test for the early diagnosis of stomach cancer, far earlier and more precise than existing standards of care.

In another stinging setback, Eli Lilly's ramucirumab fails PhIII breast cancer study

The crucial late-stage failure--ramucirumab for breast cancer has been considered one of the pharma giant's top Phase III prospects--scuttles one of Eli Lilly's chief hopes for a major new drug approval application. The failure also follows several years of poor trial outcomes for Lilly, which has a reputation for taking expensive and very risky chances when it comes to late-stage development.

Stomach cancer breath Dx performs well in human tests

A nanomaterial-based breath test showed promise in a clinical trial as an extremely precise and inexpensive way to diagnose stomach cancer, researchers from Israel, China and Latvia have determined.

Lilly reports lackluster PhIII results on cancer drug

Eli Lilly's researchers spelled out some early Phase III results, with data demonstrating a median overall survival time of 5.2 months compared to the 3.8 months seen in a control arm.

Eisai co-developing cancer drug fueled by bacteria; U.S. trials launch soon

Tokyo's Anaeropharma Science is launching U.S. clinical trials as early as March for a new stomach cancer drug fueled by bacteria.

Researchers inch closer to stomach cancer blood tests

Panels of serum biomarkers can be very useful in identifying different types of cancers and suggesting what their risk of progressing might be. However, for gastric adenocarcinoma, the most common

Angiogenesis biomarker tracks better gastric cancer outcomes

Gastric (stomach) cancer kills over 865,000 people every year, and its incidence in young people is increasing. Anti-angiogenesis agents can be effective in stomach cancer but until now there have
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