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Latest Headlines

Bharat, Serum Institute ramp up production of their swine flu vaccines

Two Indian vaccinemakers are ramping up production of their swine flu vaccines, to replace stocks that were destroyed recently after they expired.

UPDATED: Serum Institute and Bharat Biotech race to get swine flu vaccines back on the market

Swine flu is making a comeback in India, and with a vengeance. After destroying their existing stocks due to poor demand and short shelf life, Serum Institute and Bharat Biotech will be racing to get their swine flu vaccines back on the market.

Kansas State researchers get $1.1M NIH grant to study swine flu

Researchers at Kansas State University were recently given a $1.1 million grant from the U.S. National Institutes of Health to study swine flu.

Report: U.K. facing $100M compensation payout relating to GSK's swine flu vaccine

While Finland agreed to pay out in 2011, the U.K. was still knocking back claimants in 2012. Now, though, the U.K. government is reportedly readying to pay 60 people $1.7 million each.

Survey: Anti-vaccine views have little correlation with politics

Blogs and social media chatter often paint liberals, particularly Whole Foods-shopping, "earth mother" types, as the lead proponents of the anti-vaccine movement. Yet this view has been contradicted by surveys in the past, and was once again revealed to be flawed by data published this week.

Pandemic leads researchers to universal flu vaccine 'blueprint'

Human immune systems were ill-prepared for the swine flu virus that spread across the globe in 2009. The lack of pre-existing immunity left people vulnerable but, researchers wondered, was everyone equally unprotected? Answering this question has led to a 'blueprint' for a universal flu vaccine.

U.K. gov makes U-turn on link between GSK vaccine and narcolepsy

Evidence linking GlaxoSmithKline's swine flu vaccine to narcolepsy has mounted up this year, with new findings from Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom emerging. Now, having previously knocked back compensation claims, the data has prompted the U.K. government to accept the link.

UPDATED: Study links GSK's swine flu vaccine to narcolepsy in adults

From 2009 to 2011, 25 adults developed narcolepsy in Finland, 18 of whom had received GSK's swine flu vaccine, Pandemrix.

Swedish study adds to data linking GSK vax to narcolepsy

The Swedish regulator has added to evidence linking GlaxoSmithKline's swine flu vaccine to narcolepsy in a registry study of 5.8 million people.

FDA moves decision day for GSK pandemic vaccine, but why?

Research linking GlaxoSmithKline's ($GSK) swine flu vaccine to narcolepsy has precipitated calls for a rereview of a similar product before FDA makes an approval decision.