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Latest Headlines

Servier stages an entry into high-stakes CAR-T showdown with Novartis

The French biotech announced this morning that it will collaborate with Paris-based Cellectis on UCART19, an engineered T cell with a chimeric antigen receptor for leukemia and lymphomas, as well as 5 other such programs. Servier is paying Cellectis $10 million down and up to $140 million per program in milestones in its gamble on the biotech's approach.

Medigene gambles on dendritic cell cancer vaccines in Trianta buyout

Germany's Medigene AG has nabbed a small cancer vaccine developer in a buyout which will add a team of investigators from one of the country's top research institutes. Medigene agreed to pay about 4 million euros in stock for Trianta Immunotherapies, with another 6 million euro chunk held aside for possible milestone payments.

Genocea files IPO papers in a bid to raise $75M for vaccine development

The past year will go down as the biggest for biotech IPOs since 2000 and a good time for the firms who braved frosty conditions to go public in 2011 and 2012. Vaccine developer Genocea Biosciences is now set to be among the first to test conditions in 2014 having filed its S-1 just before the holiday season.

Roche's cancer immunotherapy quest spurs $422.5M Inovio combo deal

The deal puts Roche--a leader in oncology and a top contender in the immunotherapy field--in the driver's seat on two preclinical therapies that could help marshal a targeted T-cell attack on cancer.

GlaxoSmithKline teams with Immunocore on next-gen cancer immunotherapies

It took more than a decade for the executive team at Immunocore to achieve their first Big Pharma partnership for their new approach to developing revved up immunotherapies for cancer. But it's taken just a couple of weeks to add their second big pact.

UPDATED: Genentech eyes 'breakthrough' cancer immunotherapies in pact with U.K. biotech

With unleashing the immune system on cancers all the rage in pharma research, Genentech has sealed a deal with the U.K. drug developer Immunocore to tap its T cell receptor technology for attacking tumors.

Researchers seek fresh approach to HIV vaccine

Last month's cancellation of the largest ongoing HIV vaccine trial stopped yet another promising candidate. The growing pool of clinical failures shows that a new approach is needed. This past week, academia offered up two new angles of attack.

In search of a lasting flu vaccine

Every flu season, doctors and pharmacists must stock up on the latest influenza vaccine to offer patients. Unlike other vaccines that provide decades worth of protection, the flu vaccine needs to be administered every year. But researchers are looking to change this.

Animal model replicates human response to HIV

By transplanting elements of the human immune system into an immunodeficient mouse, researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard inched closer to reducing the time and cost required to test HIV candidate vaccines.

Immunotherapy bats out Type 1 diabetes in mice

A new study completed by researchers at the University of North Carolina demonstrated injecting non-obese diabetic mice with nondepleting antibodies rapidly reversed Type 1 diabetes.